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The furry hero of the 2017 London Marathon unmasked: Mr Gorilla is still crawling his way to victory

Posted on April 26th, 2017 in Charity PR,Comedy,Consumer PR,creative publicity,Health and Fitness PR,PR Stunt,PR Stunts,Sport,Stunt Of The Day,Viral Video PR.

The London marathon is a hard enough feat as it stands as only those with peak fitness levels can handle the gruelling 26 mile stint around the capital. It goes without saying that with my diet currently made up of 70% takeaways and 40% chocolate I will not be competing any time soon and therefore I hold those who do manage to find the dedication and stamina to compete in very high esteem.  At yet some individuals, these paragons of goodness, go the extra mile (no pun intended) to push themselves further with the addition of peculiar and inherently cumbersome costumes all in the name of raising money for charity. Enter Mr Gorilla who is crawling his way into the nation’s hearts for a very worthy cause.


Unmasked as Met Police officer Tom Harrison, aka Mr Gorilla apparently decided that running the marathon in a gorilla suit was not enough. No, in true gorilla fashion, this brave man decided that he was going to crawl across the entirety of the course and is at this very minute still making his way towards the finish line since starting his epic quest on Sunday morning.

Whilst still apparently in high spirits despite blistered and cut hands and knees the brave Mr Harrison quipped, “I’m going good, I’ve just been having a gorilla power nap. Just been napping on some bark chippings under an old tree, which is the perfect gorilla nesting habitat really”.

All of Mr Harrison’s efforts have been on behalf of The Gorilla Organization which is dedicated to conserving gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo, and Mr Harrison’s Just Giving page for his marathon effort has so far raised more than £1,500 for the charity.

Mr Gorilla hopes to complete his marathon on Friday a whole 5 days after starting. It is wonderful to see someone raising the profile of endangered gorillas in the mainstream media. And for once it is not about Harambe.

If you would like to support Mr Harrison in his efforts you can donate to his Just Giving page here. Go Gorilla man go!


Super Bowl LI: Top 5 adverts – from politically correct to the most funny

Posted on February 6th, 2017 in brand PR,branded content,Celebrity PR,Comedy PR,Retail PR,Roundup,Sport,Sport PR,Stunt Of The Day,Viral Video PR.


Many are still excited about the Super Bowl weekend and are talking about how Tom Brady led one of the greatest comebacks in sports history lifting New England from a 25-point hole to the patriots’ fifth NFL championship in the first Super Bowl overtime beating the Atlanta Falcons. Advertisers and big name brands released countless commercials that grabbed people’s attention and here are the top 5 adverts that stood out.

  1. Budweiser

Immigration is a hot topic today and it’s clearly shown in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad, which is based upon the story that follows Adolphus Busch, an ambitious young immigrant’s journey to America in pursuit of his dream of making the best beer in the world and becoming the co-founder of Budweiser. However, with a strong message like this titled “Born the Hard Way” for 2017 Super Bowl commercial, Budweiser has triggered backlash from some for being “too political”. The commercial however has gone viral on social media and now has over 20,6 million views on YouTube.

  1. Audi

The wage gap, equal pay and feminism are one the most talked about topics today, and that might be one of the reasons why we are seeing a little girl as the protaganist in Audi’s equal pay commercial for Super Bowl 2017, where the little girl is competing in a soapbox car race and gracefully wins the game. The commercial reveals an emotional inner monolog as the girl’s father struggles to discuss gender equality with her and hopes for the situation to change as his daughter grows.

“What do I tell my daughter?” the father says. “Do I tell her that her grandpa’s worth more than her grandma? That her dad is worth more than her mom? Do I tell her that despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets? Or maybe I’ll be able to tell her something different.”

Published on February 1st 2017, the video already has over 8 million views on YouTube.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb commercial conveying a political message stood out as one of the most powerful ads for Super Bowl 2017 and had everyone expressing their shared opinions via Twitter with over 24k retweets including the #WeAccept hashtag. The Airbnb ad preaches equality, diversity, and acceptance including multi-ethnic faces on their Super Bowl advert. The video features diverse faces from different ethnic background and words that say “No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, who you worship, we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept.”

  1. Kia

In a recent Kia’s campaign for Super Bowl, we see Melissa McCarthy as a warrior sprinting through the dessert, helping whales and saving the environment from natural disasters. This might be one of the funniest Super Bowl commercials so far while promoting the 2017 Niro Crossover, a car that has set a Guinness World Record for lowest fuel consumption while driving across the America. The company’s message is that no challenge is too big, too small or too difficult. People are loving the idea behind Kia’s campaign and the video has over 164k views in less than a week.

  1. Mr Clean

According to Mr. Clean commercial, every woman desires a man who cleans and is willing to scrub the kitchen down. Here you can see best of Mr. Clean’s moves in the shower and wiping the kitchen floor as he makes it all look so effortless. Football fans love a bit of fun during the Super Bowl half-time and the video has already gone viral with over 8 million views on YouTube.

– @elizas_music

A make-over fit for a President or a President fit for a make-over?

Posted on January 30th, 2017 in branded content,Celebrity PR,Comedy,Digital PR,Online PR,Stunt Of The Day,Viral Video PR.

There have been many criticisms of the new 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. With marches and demonstrations decrying  many of his policies on topics from immigration to women’s rights; it has certainly not been an easy first week in office.

With his infamy worldwide showing nothing but an upward trajectory, he is one of the most recognisable figures in the world today. From the slightly tangoed colouration of his complexion, wispy hair that appears to defy gravity and frequently ill-fitting Brioni suits, he is far from the image of a typical statesman.


In response to this, GQ Magazine have come up with a possible solution to the problem – at least in regards to his appearance. Using the magic of digital editing they have released a short video transforming the notorious Trump from salesman to stately with a very special make-over just for him. With over 1.5 million views already the clip shows an alternative version of what Trump could be if he only would do away with the comb-over and put down the bronzer. Identifying and correcting such fashion faux-pas as his overbearing tie choices, swamping suits and overall choice in hairstyles the resulting figure is almost unrecognisable in the best way possible.

However as GQ points out, this is the easiest change to make, if he can put aside his ego and take on the recommendations given to him from GQ all that is left for him to change is his misogyny, racism, homophobia, class warfare and Islamophobia to name but a few.

After all a turnip in a tuxedo is still a turnip.

– @gfpvincent91

PR stunt for ‘Rings’ sequel frights TV store customers with scene from the original movie

Posted on January 27th, 2017 in creative publicity,Film PR,PR Stunt,Publicity Stunts,Stunt Of The Day,Viral Video PR.

Paramount has given fans a chilling real life experience of The Ring as a celebration of the release of their upcoming horror sequel.

Marketing agency Thinkmodo’s terrifying prank on TV shoppers to promote the sequel of Rings has been viewed over 200 million times in only a few days. The prank recreating one of the scenes from the original film, was filmed by a secret camera at an electronics shop in New York and led to unsuspecting customers screaming and some even running out of the shop.

The prank was made as realistic as possible, using a fake display TV and then slyly changing the screen so Samara (the creepy girl from the film) could climb out of the screen. They even used the same actor as in the film!


Thinkmodo co-founder James Percelay has explained the reason for the prank: “Real-life pranks are just more powerful than horror-movie trailer, because they don’t have that gloss of unreality that even the best horror trailers have “.

The stunt has captured the attention of millions right in time for the upcoming release date of the third instalment in the Ring franchise hits cinemas on 3rd February.

– @LilahKS

Glamour magazine show that life goals have no age

Posted on January 6th, 2017 in Digital PR,Magazine PR,Online PR,Stunt Of The Day,Viral Video PR.

“What is your life goal?” For most of us, this is a question that often stumps and frustrates. It can either lead you to a place of great realisation and confirmation or wall pounding annoyance and despair.

On Wednesday, top women’s publication, Glamour magazine released a video on their official YouTube channel in which participants  (both male and female), ranging from from ages five to 75 are asked “What goal do you have in life?”


Answers stemmed from the hilarious “I play lacrosse and it has a goalie” (an answer given by an adorable five year old), to the more career focused answer “to make a living singing and acting” to very family orientated answer of “to be a really good mother to my children [and] be a role model to them”.


One would think that due to the span of ages, answers would vastly vary in scope, detail and time of completion. However, an answer that seemed to pop up again and again throughout the video was simply “to be happy”.

In fact, happiness, stability and enjoyment of life seemed to be a reoccurring theme within all the answers. Whether this wish of happiness was personal “To win an oscar”, or on the behalf of others “…I want to make the people around me happy”, all participants wished to maximise their enjoyment of life by either doing activities that they loved, being (or becoming) the type of person that could deliver happiness or by achieving a particular goal that would deliver happiness.

Glamour have proved that although we may grow older and our perspectives on life may change, the core value of our goals (and indeed, our lives) can be boiled down to one factor: happiness!

You can watch the full video below:

– @ApparentlyImKJ