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Best Football PR moments

Posted on June 16th, 2016 in Betting Brands,Sport,Sport PR,stuff we liked,Stunt Of The Day,Taylor Herring PR.

The Euros are here. Millions of people’s heads have turned from all over the globe to France where the tournament is being held. That many eyes on one tournament, in one place, inevitably means that brands are competing for the attention of punters from all over the globe.

But how do people stand out from the crowd? Here’s a look at some of our favourite Football PR moments from over the years:



Ok, ok – not strictly a PR stunt – but this is the ad that got us all thinking about our favourite football PR and marketing moments. Christiano Ronaldo, arguably the world’s best footballer, stars in a 6 minute epic from Nike. Words can barely do this advert justice, so sit back and enjoy:


What if you had the perfect excuse to watch the UEFA Champions League without your girlfriend?

That’s the setup for Heineken’s latest football stunt.

A week before the UEFA Champions League Final in Milan, the beer brand targeted a handful of blokes out at dinner in São Paulo with their girlfriends.

As the guys open their menus they discover an enticing proposition…


As the Euros crept ever closer brands were starting to activate their campaigns. Whether it’s Paddy Power’s not-so-subtle dig at Scotland’s failure to qualify or Carlsberg’s free ticket pop-ups, there is nowhere to hide. But these are smaller scaled campaigns compared to the one underway by Orange.

The telecoms provider is an official sponsor of Euro 2016 and has partnered with the City of Paris to take over one of its most famous landmarks…


The ‘Orange Sponsors You’ campaign is looking to put the fans back in the spotlight; highlighting the teams that are best supported during the tournament by lighting the Eiffel Tower in that nation’s colours. Orange will be monitoring social trends throughout each day and, 10 minutes after the final game on each day, the best supported team will adorn the famous monument. Individual fans, too, are being recognised by photographers on the hunt for the best fans throughout the tournament.

The campaign has a great ad running alongside it featuring one of French football’s most famous sons:

With all the wealth in football it’s a great move from Orange to recognise those that truly make football the incredible spectacle it can be. There will be a lot more campaigns from companies looking to capitalise on Euro 2016, but they’ll have to be pretty good to top this effort.

Nicklas Bendtner’s Pants

One of the most (in)famous betting PR stunts was, unsurprisingly, from Paddy Power. Nicklas Bendtner, the man who once claimed he was up there alongside Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo at the top of the men’s game, celebrated in an unusual way when he scored against Portugal for Denmark.


Sprinting away following his strike he pulled his shorts down, lifted his shirt up to reveal a pair of green ‘Paddy Power’ branded pants. He was fined an exorbitant amount of money for the stunt which, he claimed, was just a demonstration of his lucky pants.

The stunt achieved global coverage and, despite the whopping fine of £80k, was a massive success.

‘In Case of Emergency’ 

The David Moyes reign at the top of Old Trafford was an ill-fated one. Despite the mediocre results and dodgy signing it did give us two entries in our favourite Football related PR stunts.


The first, from Paddy Power, was to install a glass box outside of Old Trafford containing Sir Alex Ferguson (or a statue that looked a whole lot like him.) The messaging, simple but effective, made this campaign a success as the sign read “In case of emergency break glass.”

How the United fans wish that was still an option.

Moyes’ Grim Reaper

The second of the David Moyes stunts is also from Paddy Power. As his reign was coming to an end sports correspondents all over the country said it was like a spectre was following him around and that he was “on borrowed time” in the job.


Paddy Power, never ones to miss a trick, hired a chap to dress as a Grim Reaper and sit near the dug out as Moyes was managing the lads on the pitch. The pictures are sensational and despite the chap being escorted from the ground, it was a great moment and a stroke of genius from the team.

David Ginola For President

In January of 2015 Paddy Power offered David Ginola, of Spurs and Newcastle fame (and Villa for a bit), £250,000 to run for the FIFA presidency. At the time Sepp Blatter sat atop the world game, untouchable, but maybe the charisma of the French maestro could sway the voting body to install him.


They didn’t, of course, as it transpired corruption was rife throughout FIFA and many of the people at the top of the game have since been removed from their position and a massive investigation has begun.

Maybe there’s a chance for David yet?


A sure fire winner in the PR world is making something massive out of your product. Pringles did just that for the World Cup in Brazil; a giant football boot made out of Pringles tubes. To add a Brazilian twist they even threw in a Brazilian model.

Pringles has today unveiled a giant lucky football boot, created from 1,500 Pringles cans and is asking supporters to go down to Wembley and give it a rub for good luck ahead of England's friendly tomorrow against Peru. Brazilian dancer Samara Reis in the lucky boot.


At the other end of the spectrum we see some brands making things that are incredibly small for their stunts. That’s what Dave did to promote the launch of ‘England’s Top 19 Footy Heroes’; England players faces made out of Brazil nuts:

Micro-artist Quentin Devine carves portraits of England football players (left to right) Gary Lineker and David Beckham out of Brazil nuts to launch television channel Dave's new programme 'England's Top 19 Footy Heroes', as part of a special World Cup series. The artist worked his way through over 50 nuts, with each nut measuring 1.5 by 2 centimetres and taking on average 96 hours to carve.


A favourite in the office. Paddy Power (a name that’s cropped up once or twice in this list so far) tasked the world’s greatest physicist with working out just how England can win something. The result was a great video and incredible coverage.

Bookmakers Paddy Power teamed up with Professor Stephen Hawking who presented a formula to predict the chances of England winning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Stephen Hawking, one of the world's leading physicists, has hit out at 'ballerina' Luis Suarez after analysing England's chances at the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil. The 72-year-old professor, who wrote the best-selling 'A Brief History of Time', has looked at data from every World Cup since 1966 - the only time then hosts England have won the tournament - and concluded the heat and humidity in South America do not augur well for Roy Hodgson's Three Lions.


Another stunt, another carving. This time we saw the faces of several top footballing stars carved onto watermelons that were displayed in Sao Paulo before the start of the World Cup in Brazil. (It’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar if it wasn’t clear from the pictures…

Watermelons with the carvings of (L to R) Argentina's Lionel Messi, Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazil's Neymar are seen at San Raphael hotel in Sao Paulo


Emirates Airline, a proud sponsor of football throughout the world, staged a pre-game safety drill in the middle of the pitch at Hamburg’s home ground Volkparkstadion in front of 57,000 fans.

Using some of their cabin crew, donned in the now iconic Emirates attire, they staged a pre-flight safety check and were met with quizzical glances from the baying fans.

That’s before the group of women ended the safety check and began showing off their incredible ball skills. Mouths opened, jaws dropped and cheers roared as they demonstrated close control that would many of us to shame. They then lined the balls up on the edge of the box before slamming home past the goalkeeper to riotous applause from the assembled crowd.

Football, again, proving it’s the greatest sport in the world. Oh, and the stunt was pretty good too!


An email arrived in my inbox; “This is friggin awesome” with a YouTube link. Nothing else; no brand, no content, nothing. I clicked. I watched. A tear welled up, it instantly went to everyone in the office.

Heineken, long time creators of great ads, have outdone themselves once again. They looked into my mind and drew up a blueprint of what would appeal to me; bromance? Check. Football? Check. Beer? Sure. All of that, sprinkled with the Champions League music, and we are onto a winner:

There’s not much else to say about this; Heineken have tapped into everything that makes an ad great – it even has a happy ending!


This one pains me as a Chelsea fan. Semi-finals day. Chelsea are trailing to Swansea with time ticking away. The ball rolls out of play and the Swansea ballboy collapses onto the ball to protect it from Eden Hazard who, understandably, is in a rush to get the game moving again. So he kicks the ball out from under the lad, who then goes down doing his best impression of a professional footballer. Hazard was sent off and brands cashed in:

Specsavers Eden Hazard advert.:

Subbuteo and Eden Hazard...:

There are hundreds more from brands both big and small, and we obviously couldn’t cover them all here. So if you have favourites, or ones you think should have made the run down, then let us know! Now, get out there and watch England vs Wales with the rest of us.

by @mubly

The Man with the Golden Typewriter

Posted on November 4th, 2015 in Arts PR,Book PR,Charity PR,Digital PR,Radio PR,Taylor Herring PR,Technology PR.

The story of James Bond is one that has captivated the world for years. The international spy, renowned ladies man and connoisseur of the classic Martini has wowed audiences and set pulses racing in a body of work that has spanned countries, actors and generations. Behind it all, though, remains one man; Ian Fleming.

Audible- Julian Rhind-Tutt (2)

The acclaimed author’s work has inspired millions and today Audible, the audiobook company, have released The Man with the Golden Typewriter; a fascinating look behind the scenes of the great man’s life, as told by him.

This audiobook, narrated by Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing, Black Books, The Devil You Know), is a detailed collection of letters written from Fleming’s famous golden typewriter to all manner of people. From fans to his wife, critics to publishers these letters chronicle the development of the 007 story in a fascinating, often funny, but always human way.

This book is available for free when you sign up to Audible UK. 


Posted on April 15th, 2015 in Consumer Electronics PR,Consumer PR,creative publicity,Online PR,Taylor Herring News,Taylor Herring PR,Technology PR.


  • Technology used as inspiration for amazing new artwork by acclaimed Tokyo-based body-artist Hikaru Cho
  • Samsung commissioned the project to celebrate the launch of their new phones: Galaxy S6 and S6 edge
  • Designs represent different features of the phones including its wireless charging capabilities, super-fast charging, swipe functions and filters

Samsung have teamed up with the acclaimed Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho to create a series of new images inspired by their new phones, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. The surreal artwork depicts the British attitude towards self-editing as well as advances in communications technology and design.

Samsung Japan-1531

Hikaru Cho became an internet sensation in 2014 for her ‘hyper-real’ body art, which has featured widely in both British and international media from the Daily Telegraph to the Japan Times. By painting directly onto the body using acrylic based paint, the Chinese born artist creates 3-D effect optical illusions with each of her designs. And at only 22 years old, Hikaru has not only achieved international acclaim for her unusual works, but has done all this whilst still a student at Musashino Art University.

Hikaru Cho – Samsung Galaxy S6 Body Art Project from Taylor Herring on Vimeo.

Her 6 new designs represent different features the phones offer such as wireless charging capabilities and super fast charging (10 minutes charging = up to 4 hours battery life). The work also includes designs that nod to the modern fashion of filtering photos, as well as the physical design of the Galaxy S6 edge, which features a three-sided display. Her final designs include ‘Filter Face’, ‘Wireless Charging’, ‘Super fast Charging’, ‘Swipe’ ‘Flat Face’ and ‘Edge’.

Head hold 1

Design 1: Wireless Charging

Hikaru says “I wanted to show the way that technology has become so integral to modern life. This design was inspired by the Galaxy S6’s wireless charging capabilities”

Coil charge

Design 2: Super fast charging

Hikaru says “This design was inspired by the super fast charge that the phones offer. I liked the idea of it looking like the model herself was being recharged.”

Square face

Design 3: Flat Face

Hikaru says “I also created 2 designs that were inspired by the look of the phones themselves. The thin, sleek design of the Galaxy S6 inspired my ‘Flat Face’ artwork”

Sideface 2

Design 4: Edge Face

Hikaru says “I created this look because the Galaxy S6 edge has a curved screen which displays information along the sides of the phone. I wanted to translate that onto the model’s face by moving her features round to the side.”

With the modern trend shifting towards editing photographs, Hikaru also incorporated a design that reflected our increasing use of filters.

Filter 2

Design 5: Filter Face

Hikaru says “To achieve the look, I painted half of the model’s face grey, adding contouring to highlight her features so as to mimic the aesthetic of a real black and white photograph. The model was dressed with a half-head grey wig and a grey contact lens.”

Samsung Japan-903

Design 6: Swipe

Hikaru used her own face as a canvas to depict the final design. Showing her incredible skill, she used a mirror to paint copies of her own eyes further down her cheeks, representing the swiping motion used on modern phones.

Samsung Japan-892

Ines Van Gennip, Marketing Director of IT & Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland says “It was incredible working with such an innovative artist. It was interesting to see how she interpreted our designs as well as using the phones’ capabilities for further inspiration. With the ever evolving nature of technology, it seems fitting that we work with an artist who is so ground breaking with her work, as well as maintaining a personal element through her use of the body as a canvas. Essentially it reflects what we try to achieve as a company; bringing great advances to personal technology.


Posted on April 7th, 2015 in Betting Brands,Consumer PR,creative publicity,PR Stunt,PR Stunts,Publicity Stunts,Taylor Herring PR.

  • Two 10 foot high giant teddy bears delivered to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge
  • Bears tour the Capital to celebrate the imminent birth of the royal baby
  • Furry duo visit Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, The Houses of Parliament and St. Mary’s Hospital
  • William Hill offering odds on a boy (evens) and a girl (8/11) with James (14/1) and Alice (2/1) leading the names


Two giant 3 metre high royal teddy bears have been created to celebrate the forthcoming royal birth.

Commuters and tourists in the Capital were left stunned as the 10ft furry duo were spotted touring London, visiting landmarks including Buckingham Palace and The Houses of Parliament. The bears, one boy and one girl, each sported a crown and tiara respectively, and bore the odds on whether Prince George would be welcoming a younger brother (evens) or sister (8/11) to the House of Windsor.


Britain’s biggest bookmaker, William Hill created the bears to celebrate the arrival of the second royal baby. The giant bears, which measure almost 5 metres tall when standing, were made from fur and cotton and took a team of sculptors and fabricators over two months to design, stuff and sew.

Aside from the sex of the new royal, the baby’s name is the subject of much conversation and William Hill have slashed the odds to 14/1 from 2/1 for the baby to be named Alice if it’s a girl and 14/1 for a boy named James.


1. ALICE – 2/1
2. ELIZABETH – 9/2
3. CHARLOTTE – 11/2
4. VICTORIA – 12/1
5. ALEXANDRA – 14/1

1. JAMES – 14/1
2. ARTHUR – 20/1
3. HENRY – 20/1
4. ALEXANDER – 25/1
5. PHILLIP – 25/1


William Hill spokesperson Rupert Adams comments: “We wanted to do something spectacular to show our excitement for the latest addition to the royal family. Royal baby fever has gripped the nation and punters are buzzing to find out whether it is a boy or a girl. The smart money is on a baby girl by the name of Alice born on the same day as her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth – April 21st.

These giant teddy bears should catch the eye of William, Kate and baby George as well as the customers who can now find out the latest odds on everything from the baby’s name to its weight.”


The enormous cuddly creations arrived at Buckingham Palace before heading on to the Houses of Parliament, and Kensington Palace. The final destination on the procession was St Mary’s hospital where the new royal baby will eventually be welcomed into the world.

The bookmakers are offering the bears as a present to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, as the perfect first teddies for their new arrival.


Posted on April 1st, 2015 in Drama PR,PR Stunt,PR Stunts,Taylor Herring News,Taylor Herring PR,Television PR.

TV’s “dishiest drama actor” gets a chocolate makeover for Easter

  • Benedict Cumberbatch voted dishiest TV drama actor, beating other home-grown talents including David Tennant and Idris Elba
  • Six foot sculpture made out of 40kg’s of chocolate will be at Westfield Stratford City on Good Friday 
  • Created to celebrate launch of TV channel Drama on uktvplay.co.uk


A life-size chocolate sculpture of the acclaimed actor Benedict Cumberbatch has been unveiled following a national poll which named the star as Britain’s dishiest TV drama actor.


The Sherlock star beat off strong competition from Broadchurch’s David Tennant, rumoured potential James Bond Idris Elba and Aidan Turner, current star of Poldark to claim the tasty title ahead of the forthcoming Easter weekend break.

The research, which surveyed 2000 British women, and subsequent chocolate sculpture, were specially commissioned to celebrate today’s launch of TV channel Drama on UKTV’s on demand service, uktvplay.co.uk.

The top ten dishiest TV drama actors:

1 Benedict Cumberbatch 12%
2 David Tennant 11%
3 Sean Bean 8%
4 Idris Elba 8%
5 Damian Lewis 5%
6 Aidan Turner 4%
7 James Nesbitt 3%
8 Rupert Penry-Jones 3%
9 Laurence Fox 2%
10 James D’Arcy 2%

A crew of eight worked on the construction of Cumberbatch’s confectionary counterpart; a process which took over 250 man hours. The team, including a sculptor, chocolatier and model maker began by interrogating the actor’s measurements and assessing images from red carpet appearances to help them perfect Benedict’s look and create an accurate model even down to the smallest detail.


A suited and booted homage was chosen to reflect the star’s numerous red carpet appearances over the last year and a base model was painstakingly sculpted before the final model was cast entirely out of luxuriously thick, hollow Belgian milk chocolate – weighing in at 40kg. Once the chocolate had set, the team perfected and defined Benedict’s distinctive features, to ensure the star looked red carpet ready.


Lead sculptor Tim Simpson said: “You can’t rush perfection. Benedict has such a distinctive look that it was a challenge but a pleasure, to recreate him in chocolate. A secret combination of methods ensured we got a great likeness – we’re sure his legions of fans will approve!”



Benedict Cumberbatch will next be seen on Drama in Silent Witness, 12th April at 9pm, whilst James Nesbitt and Rupert Penry-Jones also feature this season. Sean Bean stars in Sharpe, which is on the channel this summer. Viewers will be able to enjoy watching Damian Lewis in The Forsyte Saga and David Tennant in United on uktvplay.co.uk from today.


Adrian Wills, General Manager of Drama said: “With Drama launching on UKTV Play this Easter, it was the perfect opportunity to pay homage to the fantastic talent we have on the channel, including of course, Benedict Cumberbatch. Hopefully he’ll make it through Easter weekend in one piece.


A life-size sculpture of Benedict Cumberbatch made out of chocolate was unveiled today to celebrate the launch of Drama on UKTV’s on demand service uktvplay.co.uk from 1st April.

The sculpture will be at Westfield Stratford City on Friday 3rd April. To follow the action, use the hashtag #chocobatch