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  • Two 10 foot high giant teddy bears delivered to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge
  • Bears tour the Capital to celebrate the imminent birth of the royal baby
  • Furry duo visit Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, The Houses of Parliament and St. Mary’s Hospital
  • William Hill offering odds on a boy (evens) and a girl (8/11) with James (14/1) and Alice (2/1) leading the names


Two giant 3 metre high royal teddy bears have been created to celebrate the forthcoming royal birth.

Commuters and tourists in the Capital were left stunned as the 10ft furry duo were spotted touring London, visiting landmarks including Buckingham Palace and The Houses of Parliament. The bears, one boy and one girl, each sported a crown and tiara respectively, and bore the odds on whether Prince George would be welcoming a younger brother (evens) or sister (8/11) to the House of Windsor.


Britain’s biggest bookmaker, William Hill created the bears to celebrate the arrival of the second royal baby. The giant bears, which measure almost 5 metres tall when standing, were made from fur and cotton and took a team of sculptors and fabricators over two months to design, stuff and sew.

Aside from the sex of the new royal, the baby’s name is the subject of much conversation and William Hill have slashed the odds to 14/1 from 2/1 for the baby to be named Alice if it’s a girl and 14/1 for a boy named James.


1. ALICE – 2/1
2. ELIZABETH – 9/2
3. CHARLOTTE – 11/2
4. VICTORIA – 12/1
5. ALEXANDRA – 14/1

1. JAMES – 14/1
2. ARTHUR – 20/1
3. HENRY – 20/1
4. ALEXANDER – 25/1
5. PHILLIP – 25/1


William Hill spokesperson Rupert Adams comments: “We wanted to do something spectacular to show our excitement for the latest addition to the royal family. Royal baby fever has gripped the nation and punters are buzzing to find out whether it is a boy or a girl. The smart money is on a baby girl by the name of Alice born on the same day as her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth – April 21st.

These giant teddy bears should catch the eye of William, Kate and baby George as well as the customers who can now find out the latest odds on everything from the baby’s name to its weight.”


The enormous cuddly creations arrived at Buckingham Palace before heading on to the Houses of Parliament, and Kensington Palace. The final destination on the procession was St Mary’s hospital where the new royal baby will eventually be welcomed into the world.

The bookmakers are offering the bears as a present to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, as the perfect first teddies for their new arrival.


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  • Thunderbird 4 spotted on the River Thames
  • The stunt marks the launch of the new ITV series Thunderbirds Are Go
  • Iconic series is back after 50 Years

Thunderbirds 12

Thunderbird 4, the submersible underwater rescue vehicle from the TV series Thunderbirds Are Go, was spotted cruising down the River Thames today.

Onlookers were left stunned as the famous bright yellow water vessel journeyed its way through the City of London. The model, measuring 15ft and made from fibre-glass, took a team of TV prop builders over six weeks to design, construct and paint.


Thunderbird 4 took its maiden voyage on the River Thames this morning to mark the launch of the new series Thunderbirds Are Go airing on ITV on Saturday April 4th at 5pm for a special double episode, before returning to a regular 8am slot on ITV and CITV.

The underwater cruiser departed from East London and made its way up the Thames passing iconic landmarks including Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, en route to Tracy Island.

Thunderbirds 8

The rescue vehicle, usually delivered to the danger zone by Thunderbird 2 and piloted by aquanaut Gordon Tracy, was winched into the river in the Docklands in the early hours of the morning.

Adrian Last, EVP, Director of ITV Studios Marketing, said: “Thunderbirds is a classic British show, so we wanted to celebrate the launch of the new series Thunderbirds Are Go on ITV by building one of the iconic vehicles and surprising commuters on their way to work.

Seeing Thunderbird 4 cruising down the River Thames brings back a feeling of nostalgia for those that remember the show from 50 years ago and puts a smile on the face of the young.

Thunderbirds 7

Londoners shouldn’t be worried though as Thunderbird 4 wasn’t out on a rescue mission today – it’s just battling the choppy waters of the Thames.”

Featuring the world’s most famous family of heroes, International Rescue, Thunderbirds are Go will blast the five brave Tracy brothers back on to television screens piloting their incredible vehicles into impossible rescues across the globe.


The new series will feature a cast including Rosamund Pike, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rasmus Hardiker, David Menkin, Kayvan Novak, Angel Coulby and David Graham reprising his role as Aloysius ‘Nosey’ Parker. This re-invention of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s iconic series has been produced using a unique mix of CGI animation and live-action model sets.

A special double episode of Thunderbirds are Go is airing on ITV on April 4th at 5pm before returning to a regular 8am slot on ITV and CITV.

Thunderbirds Are Go…on the Thames! from Taylor Herring on Vimeo.


Bark to the future!

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Samsung’s Futuristic Kennel Is The Ultimate In Doggy Luxury

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London, UK – 4 March, 2015: Samsung Electronics have provided a tantalising glimpse of the future for tech-savvy pampered pooches by unveiling an architect-designed Dream Doghouse which represents the ultimate in canine luxury.

The kennel took a team of 12 designers and fabricators two weeks to design and over four weeks to construct and was commissioned to celebrate Samsung’s sponsorship of the world’s largest dog show, Crufts 2015. The futuristic structure was inspired by the growing trend to merge technology and pet-care.


The Samsung Dream Doghouse will be on display at the Samsung stand at this year’s Crufts, which runs from Thursday 5th March at the NEC in Birmingham.


The proto-type indoor kennel consists of two areas; one for rest and relaxation, the other for dining and entertainment, as well as an outside astro-turfed leisure area. 


Samsung research of 1,500 dog owners found that 64% believe their dogs would benefit from more technology and gadgets, with a quarter (24%) admitting they would like their dog to have treadmill, and a similar number (24%) a TV or tablet.


A further 18% said that they would like their dog to have a hot-tub or spa while 22% found the idea of a dog operated feeder the most appealing. Utilising these findings, the Samsung Dream Doghouse was created and includes the following features:

 The back kennel:

·         A fully padded sleeping area in gun-metal grey fabric with dog-proof leather button detailing

·         Luxurious bone design pillows 

·         A brand new wall mounted Tab S for all of that essential doggy viewing, interaction, and two-way communication with their human counterparts

·         A push-to-woof call bell in order to summon the attention of their owner 

·         Fully fire retardant material


The front kennel:

·         Clear polycarbonate frontage to allow for full room views and owner interaction

·         A vibrant vermilion, fire retardant, carpeted interior

·         Bespoke wallpaper featuring designer paw and dog bone print

·         Framed portraits of friends and pooch pin-ups, including a dog’s ultimate pin-up; Best in Show winner of Crufts 2014

·         Modern design sky light which doubles up as ceiling access for those athletic types

·         A dog operated snack dispenser so your pup will never be in want of a treat again


And as if that wasn’t enough, this pup pleasure dome has even more to offer the discerning hound, with an in-built doggy treadmill to keep them trim (and work off all those self-dispensed snacks), as well as a hot-tub spa for some well-earned rest and relaxation after a long day of tail wagging. And with 21% of dog owners admitting that a bespoke canine treadmill would be their most desired gadget for their pet, it’s a win for both dog and owner!

 The study also showed that this high-tech lifestyle may not be so far off, with a quarter (24%) of owners admitting to having made a social media profile for their dog. And if updates aren’t being shared on a tailor-made pet-profile, then they will be on their owners’ own social media pages, with research showing nearly half of dog owners regularly post pictures of their dogs online.

A further four in ten (40%) owners have left the TV on whilst they are out of the house to keep their dog company, whilst a quarter (26%) use the TV to block out noises that may scare their precious pup, such as thunder or fireworks.

Some owners even go so far as to video call their dogs when they’re away, with 14% admitting to having done this. And when back in the comfort of their home, 31% admit they like to curl up in front of a movie with their favourite pooch!

 The findings also revealed that pampered pooches really do rule the roost in British households; being considered as a fully-fledged member of the family (85%), influencing important life decisions such as where they live or what job they have (53%), and even enjoying the same meals as their human counterparts (41%). It also revealed that over half (56%) of owners would mourn the death of their dog more than an extended family member such as an aunt, uncle or even a grandparent!

Andy Griffiths, President, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland says, “With the Samsung Dream Doghouse, we wanted to reflect the nation’s growing trend for using technology. From dogs who have social media profiles to owners who use video calling to check on their pet while away, technology is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life. Samsung has been a proud sponsor of Crufts for over 20 years, and we recognise that our dogs are firmly established part of the family.  The Samsung Dream Doghouse looks sleek and modern, featuring the kind of tech the discerning dog of the future will need.”

Samsung Dream Doghouse will be on the stand from the 5th – 8th March, Hall 3, stand 72

Londoners stunned by Sky 1’s imaginary friend stunt

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Just because you can’t see someone’s imaginary friend, it doesn’t meant that they’re not real.

The prank was set up to promote the third series of Sky1’s award winning comedy Moone Boy, written by Chris O’Dowd, and starring the Irish funnyman as a young boy’s imaginary friend.

Matthew Arnold, Marketing Manager, Sky 1 says: “In celebrating Moone Boy’s return to Sky 1 on March 2nd, we wanted to have a bit of fun with one of the show’s central themes – the joy of having a make-believe friend.

Moone Boy is the story a young boy and his imaginary friend, so we thought this prank was the perfect way to celebrate the launch of series 3 of the show and connect the public to the life of Martin Moone and his own imaginary friend played by Chris O’Dowd.”

The brand new series of Moone Boy airs Monday 2nd March at 9pm on Sky 1.

Hollywood stars get a digital makeover

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London, UK – 18th February, 2015 – Samsung UK has unveiled a unique art project which re-imagines the most stylish Hollywood stars of all time as they may have looked had they lived today using the magic of digital technology.

The project challenged a team of leading digital artists to bring the leading style icons of the silver screen into the 21st century by using the new Galaxy Note 4 handset to help create photo-realistic images of the stars in a modern context.



The project followed a survey by Samsung which named Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe as the most influential Hollywood style icons of all time.


Audrey Hepburn

The artistic team, led by leading digital designer Quentin Devine, worked closely with cultural expert Will Brooker, Professor of Film and Cultural Studies at Kingston University and author of numerous books and articles on popular culture, to predict and advise on how the classic stars may have looked had they lived in 2015.


Marilyn Monroe


The pair worked on creating modernised images of the three most influential females and top two males as well as Richard Burton, the leading British male as voted for by the public.




The images were created using the Galaxy Note 4, making use of using it’s multiscreen to compare old and new images and the S Pen to cut useful pictures to the scrapbook, complete with photo editing software to help update original images of each of the stars.

James Dean

James Dean

Ines van Gennip, Marketing Director for IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, says: “Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe practically invented style as we know it today, so we thought it would be fun in the run up to both London Fashion Week and the Oscars to imagine how these stars may have looked had they lived in the present time.  Each of these silver screen icons was a game-changer in the style stakes in their day, much the same as the Galaxy Note 4 is a game-changer within today’s smartphone market.  The digital artists spent a long time working with the Galaxy Note 4 to create the artwork, and we think the results look brilliant – a really interesting vision of how our favourite stars might have looked were they photographed now.”