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July 2, 2015

World’s First Disability Dolls Take The Toy Industry By Storm.

The amazing new #ToyLikeMe campaign is changing the toy industry, and we like what it’s doing!

Created by parents, #ToyLikeMe highlights the individuals toy makers have previously ignored – and thousands of pics, tweets, and fans later, it’s all paid off!

Toy company Makies has just released the world’s first line of dolls with disabilities.

The first three dolls to be launched have a cane, a hearing aid, and the third with a facial birthmark. It’s a toy box revolution!


Parents and kids are loving it – From China to down under!

Jen Bolton, communications director at MakieLab said, “Makies are create-your-own dolls that kids and their parents can design and order at, and each Makie doll is unique and personal, so we’ve always received quite a few special requests”.

Makie is broadening its offerings, and Bolton says they’re “happy to chat with folks who are interested and take orders for the new range.”

A fantastic change from the ‘perfect’ Barbie that has previously dominated our kids’ play boxes.



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