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April 13, 2022

‘Wake and Bake’ this Easter with Maltesers Meditations.

Mars Wrigley have released a new series of zen style baking videos which have been specifically designed to help Brits relax this Easter weekend.

The ‘Maltesers Meditations’ series narrated by national treasure Angela Rippon aims to soothe away the aches, nuisances and strains, that many of us feel, via the magical healing properties of cake and chocolate*.

The new initiative was created following new research that Brits are craving the Easter break to get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Maltesers Bunny surveyed 2000 British adults and found a third of us (32%) are more excited about Easter than Christmas but carving out time amongst the frantic family get-togethers to relax can prove challenging.

According to the study, two in ten Brits (20%) think Easter can often be the most stressful holiday, and 33% say they are more stressed out than normal this year.

As the first major holiday since restrictions lifted, 44% of those surveyed said there was added pressure around Easter this year when it comes to hosting family and friends, with over half (53%) stating this Easter will be busier than ever.

The study found that the nation’s passion for baking provides some much needed ‘me time’ during the holidays so Maltesers Bunny has launched a ground-breaking guided meditation series to help destress the nation and help Brits stay happy bunnies this Easter.

Easter bunnies can tune in and drop out to the soothing sights and sounds of chocolate melting in a pan, sugar being sifted, cream being whipped, and icing being piped as national treasure Angela Rippon guides viewers towards a blissful state of being.

‘Maltesers Meditations’ features six bite-sized baking videos choc-full of Easter baking inspiration including:

  1. Chocolate Waveslet silky smooth, velvety waves wash over you as you melt into a relaxed state
  2. Sifting Sugarimagine your stresses sifting through a sieve, reducing to tiny pieces, dusting over the cupcake of life
  3. Relaxing Rising Cakeslet your breath and muscles rise in time with the cakes and feel the warmth of positivity
  4. Piping Dreamssqueeze every ounce of negativity out
  5. Whisking Your Worries Awayfeel the whisk send you into a hypnotic trance, letting the soft cream flow around your mind
  6. Gratifying Gratingwatch the grater slowly massage the chocolate up and down sending shards of delicious chocolate into the air

Angela Rippon CBE said: “I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ultra-soothing sound of my voice as I take you on a chocolatey sensory journey through calming, hypnotic baking videos with Maltesers Meditations.  Breathe in, breathe out, as I guide you through a stress-free, and utterly delicious series of mouth-watering mediative videos. Tune into the power of whisking, piping and stirring, and start feeling like a happy bunny today.

Sophia Padt, Mars Wrigley’s Chief Easter Officer said: “This Easter, we are inviting people to dive into the sumptuous world of baking and chocolate with our Maltesers Mediations series. Get super zen and let your Easter stresses melt away like a smooth buttercream mix. Yum.”

 To watch the full Maltesers Meditations series and for more information please visit Maltesers YouTube Channel


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