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This new Oreo product really takes the biscuit..

Is it an iPhone? Is it a Samsung? No it’s a biscuit.

Oreo have taken a leaf from the phone product development handbook with the launch of their latest snack.

Yes – Oreos are getting a skinny new look, and its maker says the new cookie is a “sophisticated” snack for grown-ups that ‘isn’t meant to be twisted or dunked’.


According to the blurb. Oreo Thins are a “light, crisp, and delicate” take on the classic sandwich cookie.


While the original version is 12.5mm thick, Oreo Thins measure up in at 7.5mm thick.

A spokesperson promises that while the Oreo Thin, is well, thinner, it has a “similar creme to cookie ratio” as the regular Oreo.

Note For Calorie Counters:  Four of the cookies contain 140 calories, compared with 160 calories for three regular Oreos

[via Eater]


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