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The Story of World of Warcraft: Second Skin.

Join Current TV on Monday 23rd November at 10pm for a revealing look into the world’s most popular online role-playing game.Launched five years ago this November, World of Warcraft is a cultural gaming phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Now attracting 50 million players across every continent, this massively multiplayer game has not only revolutionised virtual role-playing online, it has become a hugely influential part of its players’ lives.

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This revealing and engaging night of programmes tells the story of the World of Warcraft and includes the documentary premiere, Second Skin; the story of this extraordinary game and an exploration of the fans who have made it one of the biggest successes of the Noughties. From inspirational stories to real-life addictions, this new feature-length programme shines a warm but candid light on the individuals that make these virtual worlds so popular.

Meet Heather and Kevin, one of many couples who have found love online despite never meeting, and Andrew, a player who now leads a more fulfilling life as his World of Warcraft character’s abilities free him of his own physical disabilities.

The show also gives a full spectrum of the more negative effects of the game by looking at those who can’t balance family commitments with a passion for their online guild. Fascinating case studies include Dan, a gamer struggling with a crippling addiction to World of Warcraft that has cost him his job, his home and his partner.

The Story of World of Warcraft: Second Skin is on Monday 23rd November at 10pm exclusively on Current TV.

Current TV: Sky Channel 183/Virgin Channel 155

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