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April 29, 2009

The Apprentice: Tonight’s Task.

mona-and-lorraine-sell-rugIt’s week six and the battle to become Sir Alan’s next Apprentice heats up as the remaining candidates reach the half way mark. Both teams hit the streets of London in a race against time to value and sell a load of old bric-a-brac.

margaret mountfordEach team is given 10 identical items to sell in a day, including a medical skeleton, an old fashioned commode chair, an oriental rug, a box of books and a pair of vintage shoes. With a warning not to take anything at face value, the teams have until 6.00pm to sell everything for a profit. But first they must work out how much everything is worth. So, will it be a bargain hunt or sale of the century as the candidates attempt to identify the hidden gems and spot the red herrings?

phillip taylor the apprenticeAs ever, Nick and Margaret are on hand to keep a watchful eye over proceedings. In the boardroom, Sir Alan will decide who’s proved priceless and who’s been worthless as one more person finds themselves in the firing line.

The Apprentice, tonight at 9pm on BBC One


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