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September 3, 2013

That Tuesday Thing [No.5].

A weekly scoop-up of things from our inboxes and social media feeds..

>> The 2013 MediaGuardian 100: people power takes centre stage

>> Blockbuster Movies before special FX.  This one’s Star Trek Into Darkness – more here tumblr_mrxu1eK5yY1s6mknho1_1280

>> When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), it’s not surprising that many businesses are confused by the almost constant changes to Google’s algorithms, writes Jasper Marten

>> Here are few things you could do with Gareth Bale’s £86 million price tag >  [via @blinkbox] BSwxgQaCIAAEONO

Or find out how much he is earning per second here —>

>> ‘Omnishambles’…’Selfie’…’Twerk’ all added to the Oxford Dictionary [via The Drum]

>> Is the internet making everything sh*t? – via Marketing

>> Short Film Of The Week > I Forgot My Phone

>> Eminem Goes Old-School For Comeback Single (YouTube)

>> Is your ego big enough to get ahead in the workplace? But how much is too much? Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Revisited, reckons  “Self love is a very healthy thing and promotes ambition and the ability to realistically appraise one’s short comings and talents.”

>> How Viral Content Spreads. Ever noticed how viral videos/links spread out across the social web like a Tsunami, or nuclear fallout? Here’s a map by @megpickard BREeoXDCUAAkW9L-1

>> How one man turns annoying cold calls into cash. A man targeted by marketing companies is making money from cold calls with his own higher-rate phone number. Hero.

>> love this > Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generato

>> MINI turns its cars into a thrilling ‘roller coaster’ ride

>> What does the colour of your logo say about you? What’s in a brand’s logo?

>> From catwalk to clicks: how brands are looking to bring London Fashion Week to life

>> Letter Of The Week. As seen in The Guardian


>> 14 ways ‘Downton Abbey’ could benefit from technology


>> No one feels pain and angst like Henri Le Chat Noir. He is that existential cat that is deeper than anything else on the Internet. Will Braden, creator of Henri’s character made a short film back in film school years ago, but slowly but surely, the Internet fell in love and he brought the character back for a sequel and the rest is viral history. Cat and Meme experts discuss Henri and his success.

>> Where’s Damascus? The US and UK are probably about to bomb it. Do you know where it is?

>> Speaking of Syria. Obama announced plans to intervene and the internet reacted. [via Buzzfeed]

>> New York hospital installs charming pirate themed scanner for their little patients (via @Vivienneclore) BS0N8ypCIAAkh4k.jpg-large

>> What if hurricane names were changed to those policy makers who deny global warming?

>> Unbelievable Google Street View captures a space shuttle flyover ku-xlarge

>> Topman is the top retailer on #Pinterest, with more followers that Asos, Topshop and Boden combined

>> Respect your web designer or they do this >> 36 Surreal Instagram Images From Burning Man 6a4cd2c6141111e387d022000a1fc4f9_7

>>  The folks at Online Circle Digital team have put together a Twitter Sizes and Dimensions Cheat Sheet – here

>> Curl up beneath a croissant duvet, lie down on a toast pillow and wrap up in a doughnut bun: Weird trend for ‘bread beds’ hits Japan article-2402651-1B7B5692000005DC-683_634x632

>> History of Dr Who in a Tube Map (

>> Business cards printed with motivational phrases inspired by rap songs [via Design Taxi]

>> Facebook addicts scientifically proven to be NEEDY 

>> The Social Media Facts of 2013

Hungry? >>

>>11 Creative Film Interpretations You Probably Hadn’t Considered

>> Prank by Japanese TV show involving dinosaurs and office corridors


>> Madonna tops Forbes highest earning celeb list raking in a whopping £80 million last year

>> Role reversal in zoo in New Zealand where humans are kept in cages for close encounter with hungry lions [via Daily Mail]

>> We’ll leave you with this… the newly built Walkie Talkie skyscraper in London is actually a gigantic solar powered death ray! [via Sky News]

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