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August 13, 2013

That Tuesday Thing [No. 2].

Our weekly scoop-up of things from our inboxes and social media feeds..

>>Norway PM works as secret taxi driver. Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg spent an afternoon working incognito as a taxi driver in Oslo, saying he had wanted to hear from real voters and that taxis were one of the few places where people shared their true views. reports BBC News


>> Sharknado (the made for TV, B-movie that the internet propelled to fame) is getting a Sequel and Twitter fans got to choose the new title, reports Mashable.

“Since Twitter played such a huge role in the success of the original movie, we wanted to use that platform to ask our fans to name Sharknado 2,” said Syfy. ” We want to thank all our viewers for their wonderful contributions to keeping up the shark-mentum.”

P.S. They’re are calling it ‘Sharknado 2; The Second One’


>>’You don’t have to skydive from space to be original’. Opinion piece on Campaign.

>> Jeremy Kyle Cupcake Toppers. Take our money! [via b3ta]

>> The ‘weirdest thing in the history of the Manchester food scene‘. Restaurateur who had critics raving about his pizzas finally admits they’re from the supermarket freezer. [via Mail Online]


>> Amazon has launched a new online fine art storeThe store offers access to more than 40,000 works from over 4,500 artists supplied by more than 150 galleries and dealers. Monet’s “L’Enfant a la tasse, portait de Jean Monet” could be yours for for a cool $1.45 million. [via Tech Crunch]

>> Love this > Man changes terms and conditions of credit card application, signs up, sues bank. [via MSN]


>> Anatomy Of A Mash Up. Audio and web artist Cameron Adams takes his own mashup of Daft Punk’s discography – Definitive Daft Punk – and reveal its entire structure: the cutting, layering, levels and equalisation of 23 different songs. This is an audiovisual treat.

>> CEO E-mail addresses for UK companies. Someone has thoughtfully compiled a public database of Britain’s Top Tycoons.

>> Ridiculously excited about Homeland Season 3 now we’ve seen the trailer

>> Scientists create alcohol as strong as vodka from coffee grounds. Sign us up for a free trial please!

>> Meanwhile in Derbyshire. ‘Love is….writing your sweetheart’s name in liquid manure’. (via @derekivens)


>> WeareData – is a promotional website for new video game Watch Dogs. The site gathers freely available personal information data to create interactive real-time data flow maps.

The site pulls up a 3D map of live information from publicly available sources such as social media accounts.

We thought: Scary, mesmerising and cool in equal measure.


>> Buried In Space. A San Franciso-based company called Elysium Space pledges to send the cremated remains of clients out into space for $2,000.

>> Ooh – our Royal Baby camapign for Paddy Power is Stunt Of The Month on PR Examples. Thank you!


>> Do You Need A Creative Director? PR Week asks four people in the role what they think they bring to their agency.

>> Dain Fagerholm from Seattle draws these wonderful wiggly GIFs by hand [via UsvsTh3M]


>> Bebo is back. Last month Michael Birch, the original founder of Bebo, bought it back for $1M. This week, he announces his plan to wipe the slate clean, and start fresh with a brand new, less ‘cocky’ Bebo.

>> This Spotify playlist > The 50 Best 12″ Singles Of The 1980’s (via @ClassicPopMag)

>> MythBusters Test Breaking Bad’s Science

>> The five worst arguments in defence of lads’ mags [via New Statesman]

>> Someone gives their Smartcar a Little Tikes paint job (via Cheezburger)


>> Olivia Wilde Tells Glamour about the Do’s and Dont’s of Turning 30

>> Pushing the boundaries of outdoor and entertainment [via Marketing Week]

>> Dr. Seuss’s World War II Political Propaganda Cartoons [via Brain Pickings]

>> Spoof promo for the Discovery channel’s Shark Week

>> An advertising executive with an unfortunate name

>> The English Disco Lovers (EDL) movement aims to reclaim the hated EDL acronym from The English Defence League and make it stand for something positive. The groups activities include Google-bombing for the search term ‘EDL’, and raising money for causes that support multiculturalism and equality.


>> The Depressed Cake Shop by Miss Cakehead is raising money for Mental Health charities with seemingly depressing baked goods that conceal cheering surprises. Every cake on sale will be grey, colour only revealed on the inside.


>> How to make people think you have a girlfriend with your right hand and Instagram [via 22 Words]

>> Werner Herzog’s short film about the dangers of texting while driving

>> Paper Airplane Machine. So this is what engineers do all day (via Reddit)


>> Inside Britain’s Most Decadent Nightclub

>> Incredible make-up artist can transform herself into ANY celebrity [via Mail Online]


>> Book Of The Week > Why Didn’t I Think of That?: 101 Inventions that Changed the World by Hardly Trying on Amazon

>> Man vs Plane. South African rugby player Bryan Habana famously raced a cheetah. See how he does against British Airways’ new A380.

>> The 10 best legal wrangles in pop in pictures [via The Observer]

>> π Pan > Kickstarter for pan that lets you bake pies shaped like π 

>> Lightning Bolt! One of THE great sporting pictures (via @AFP + @leephelps)


>> Historical Photo of the week. Four blokes from Liverpool waiting to cross a road in North London. (via @robertdelamere)


>> The F.A’s latest Respect video

>> Cat vs Cat photo bomb! (via FlipCollective)

cat photobomb

>> Toothpaste tube re-design to get every morsel of paste out of the tube (via Design Tube)


>> Ginger Pride! Comedian Shawn Hitchins leads the march against the prejudice of Ginger People in Edinburgh

>> Shocking! Toy products on sale in Brazil to discipline your kids including a ‘Strait Jacket’, ‘Happy Heavy Ball’ and a ‘Funny Cage’… It was actually a stunt to promote a new series of Super Nanny! (via PR Examples)


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