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September 30, 2016

South Park marks 20 years with trolling billboard campaign.

To promote its 20th series, South Park took the streets of America with a mobile ad-van this week to visit various institutions as featured in contentious episodes.

Each billboard execution – ends with the tagline, “We’ve been there.”


“In some cases, the locals were not pleased to have us outside their locations and asked us to leave, but that was all expected, and we completely understand why,” Comedy Central’s chief marketing officer, Walter Levitt, tells the Hollywood Reporter.

Other locations included Trump Tower…




and The White House…


Full list of locations;

Colorado: South Park and Casa Bonita

Salt Lake City: Mormon Church Headquarters

Washington, D.C.: Lincoln Memorial and the White House (above)

Silicon Valley: Facebook Headquarters

New York: Trump Tower  and Hillary Clinton’s N.Y. headquarters

Los Angeles: Church of Scientology, Whole Foods, Hooters, PF Changs, KFC

Buffalo: Canadian Border

[by @itsjamesherring]


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