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Sheffield to Essex… via Berlin.

People talk a lot about trains in the UK; they’re late, they’re always full and, worst of all, they’re incredibly expensive. So expensive, in fact, that one plucky commuter took matters into his own hands.

Discovering that his train from Sheffield to Essex cost a whopping £47 Jordan Cox, The Coupon Kid, decided to fly home.

Via Berlin.

The 18-year-old travelled an extra 1,017 miles to save £7.72

It turns out that doing so saved him money as well; he estimated the cost of travel on the train would be £51.79 with a snack and bus fare, while the cost of the trip to Germany came in at £44.07. He doesn’t recommend doing it all the time (he’s environmentally conscious and thrifty) but has demonstrated, if we needed any more proof, just how expensive trains are in our country.

The story has hit nationals both in print and online, while making huge noise on social media. His recommendations for other Ryan Air flights are sure to generate a lot of popularity for the budget airline.


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