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June 8, 2010

Sean Kingston: ‘Justin Bieber Googles Himself’.

LONDON, 8th June 2010: Sean Kingston opened up to MySpace in an exclusive interview today where he revealed pop phenomenon Justin Bieber’s darkest secret and hinted at more collaborations with the star.

When asked if he ever Googles himself Sean replied “No, but Justin does that though, he loves to Youtube and Google himself, I’m not like that”.

Justin Bieber

He also let out exclusively to his MySpace fans that the guys have been working on a further 4 songs saying “To be honest with you, we did like 5 songs together, I have 4 other songs with Justin Bieber that’s not Eenie Meenie” so keep your eyes peeled for future collaborations!

Talking about his much speculated love life, Sean described what he looks for in a woman “Personality, she gotta be able to make me laugh” but with one bizarre request “She gotta have nice feet, I live in Miami you gotta show them.”


Being a pop star must have so many perks, but according to young star Sean Kingston apparently the best part is “You get free stuff man,” explaining the advantages for both him and the companies who send him gifts “It’s kinda like one hand washes the other.”

Career wise when asked what he would be doing if he weren’t a singer, Sean replied “I’d probably be cutting grass somewhere,” and finally rounding off the chat, when asked if he could be anyone for the day, the reggae star replied “I’d be Obama”.


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