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Roaming beds at the Hayward Gallery.

You know those times when you wake up and for a few horrific seconds you have no idea where you are?

Those times when what should have been a calm start to the day is replaced with panic and a great deal of sweating?

Well hang on to your bed posts people…


For £300, German artist Carsten Höller, renowned for his interactive use of space within his art (remember the giant slides outside the Tate Modern back in 2007?) invites you to stay the night at the Hayward Gallery, on a bed of your own, which moves…on its own.


According to the, “In his latest exhibition, Carsten Holler: Decision, the artist says his Two Roaming Beds (Grey) introduce “a moment of uncertainty”, where the sleepers can’t be sure the place where they close their eyes will be the same place they wake up.”


However, as bizarre as this sounds, it’s positively tame in comparison to a previous Höller venture which saw visitors pay £720 to stay the night with live reindeer in a disused train station in Berlin.

Not that weird you say?

…There was an option to add a night cap to your experience.

…With hallucinogenic mushrooms infused in it.

…As well as reindeer wee.



Images (c) Guardian / Designboom


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