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Pizza Hut Selfie?.

The selfie stick craze is taking over the world, and this latest PSA by Pizza Hut has been released to warn us all of the dangers of the device.

The video depicts a bleak world where selfie sticks are growing in size, knocking over lemonade stands, breaking windows and smashing TVs.

pizza hut

But don’t worry, at least with your selfie stick, you’ll be able to get a picture with Pizza Hut’s new 2-foot long Big Flavor Dipper pizza– too large to fit in a traditional selfie!

The global pizza company created the spoof PSA to advertise their latest pizza and, as the pizza delivery guy says, “Bigger parties mean bigger selfies, which leads to bigger selfie sticks, which leads to bigger pizza! This is 2 feet of pizza, man!”

Remember…please selfie responsibly.

Video/Images (c) Pizza Hut


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