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‘One Breath’ Campaign for Stoptober.

Have you ever fancied taking a deep breath and diving into the ocean but just don’t have enough hours in the day to do so?

A 360-video campaign ‘One Breath’ has launched on Facebook and YouTube where the viewer feels as if they were diving off the coast of Cornwall – and if you look carefully, you might even spot a seal!

The video has been created by Nicorette, who have launched it to coincide with the UK’s Stoptober campaign to encourage smokers to consider the possibilities open to them when they quit smoking.

The narrator of the dive is Daan Verhoeven, a former smoker who, after quitting smoking, has gone on to break world records in free diving. Verhoeven can hold his breath under water for over 6 minutes and has previously swum underwater for over 60 metres!

Nicorette have also released an advert to display the amazing potential one breath can hold. Through the use of immersive technology, Nicorette are captivating audiences by giving them a very real experience of the amazing possibilities which giving up smoking can bring.

– @niamhbrodie1


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