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December 15, 2015

Carousel Karma – introducting the genius new way to spot your luggage.

Christmas is a time of year that sees millions of people travelling all over the country, nay the world, in an effort to make it home to see their loved ones (or avoid them).

Regardless of where you’re going, or who you’re seeing, the fear of lost luggage (and potentially lost presents) is real.

We’ve all tried ways to recognise our luggage; something tied around the handle, tipex on the side, a massive fluorescent tag – but as more and more people adopt similar ways of personalising their (black wheelie bag) luggage, it’s becoming even harder to pick them apart on the carousel.

Until now.

This unknown traveller has taken the internet by storm after printing his own portrait onto his luggage.

Problem. Solved. Merry Christmas!


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