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Morrisons have eyes on pie eating Sutton substitute goalkeeper.


Last night’s FA Cup match between Sutton and Arsenal sparked a lot of attention as a David versus Goliath story yet it was a pie eating substitute who has been the topic of the most heated discussion.

Wayne Shaw was spotted by cameras happily tucking into a pie after all three substitutions were used up; ensuring his position on the bench for the rest of the match. The supermarket chain Morrisons, in a reactive marketing move, have now reportedly made a bid for the Sutton goalkeeper to join their “Pie Tasting” team; clearly they are not one to overlook talent. In what will certainly be a temping offer to Mr Shaw, they have offered him a years supply of pies in return for his participation.

Morrisons’ Chief Pie Buyer Tessa Callaghan has said: “We’re always looking for the best talent to taste our pies and make sure they hit the back of the net. Wayne’s performance last night sets him apart as one of the country’s most famous pie connoisseurs. We were really impressed by his commitment to pie eating, and we understand that a good pie is the best way to warm up for any occasion, even if it is the biggest night of your football career.”



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