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May 2, 2013

Life of Pi – captured in a bottle.

LONDON, Thursday 3rd May 2013: Director Ang Lee’s multi-award winning Life of Pi has been immortalised in a 2.5 litre glass bottle by renowned ‘bottle artist’ Heather Gabrielle Rogers.

The unique sculpture, which was specially commissioned to mark the availability of the critically acclaimed movie on streaming service blinkbox, graphically brings to life one of the most iconic scenes from the movie – Pi on his lifeboat stranded at sea with his surviving companion, a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.


Artist Heather Gabrielle Rogers spent two weeks constructing the nine by four inch cylindrical mini movie set.

The scene includes the smallest of details, from Pi’s scores on the side of the life raft logging his days at sea to fish captured in the nets on his makeshift raft.


In the bottle version of Life of Pi there’s no jumping ship for young Piscine (Pi) who sits cross-legged on his makeshift raft measuring a tiny 15mm tall, his facial features barely visible to the naked eye. Attached to his craft by a small piece of thread is Richard Parker, who stands one inch tall at the helm of the adjacent life raft. Both have been created from craft clay and Pi is wearing a set of miniature hand-stitched clothes.

The lifeboat measures five inches in length and is nearly two inches wide. It is carved from two sections of bass wood and has been hand-painted with enamel paints.


Pi’s makeshift raft measures just over two inches wide and stands two inches tall. It was fabricated from various materials including miniature wooden slats for the platform, bamboo skewers, wire, enamel, acrylic paints, paper, fine linen, thread, and craft clay, with the latter material used to fashion the life jackets lashed to the bottom of the raft.

The one-of-a-kind piece of art is now available to win on the blinkbox Facebook page.

Artist Heather comments on her latest creation: “Squeezing a big screen hit into a mini bottle has been a real labour of love, a long process of reviewing images, stills and clips from the movie, pausing at key moments to capture the all-important detail. Life of Pi in a bottle has been one of my most challenging pieces of work to date, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.”

Previously, Heather recreated a scene from Jaws in a bottle and plans to create more scenes from Hollywood’s most iconic maritime movies.

Life of Pi is now available to rent or buy now on blinkbox.


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