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March 20, 2015

It’s not a pirate’s life for these guys….

Surfing the internet at work has taken a new turn – gone are the days of a sneaky Facebook tab that you quickly peep at when your boss is looking the other way. Now, with unlimited downloading capacity and ultimately free access, tech-savvy worker-bees are downloading their favourite films and TV shows to watch later.

The problem with this (or one of the problems with this – we’re not going to get into a full debate about office etiquette just now) is that it’s illegal, and it’s putting the DVD and film industries under massive strain.

So, how do you scare people off illegally downloading movies at work?

Send characters from the show they are downloading to surprise them at their desk with a DVD of the program of course!

Creating a great hidden camera video, Discover Movies set up an Instavideo Service so that whenever someone was attempting to illegally download shows or films, the IT Department could see what was being downloaded and before the download had completed, the culprit would be presented with a legal DVD…by a character from the show!

As well as highlighting an alternatively convenient, and more importantly, legal service, Discover Movies’ stunt also proves just how long it takes to download high quality films.

The Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, Walter White from Breaking Bad and Darth Maul from Star Wars all make an appearance in the video – injecting a healthy dose confusion around the offices they surprise.

… it would be interesting to see how employees would react if ‘characters’ from more adult corners of the internet came strolling in and handed out DVDs.

Just saying.

Video (c) Scanad Kenya


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