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Happiness Brussels Throws Shade (in a good way).

No this isn’t a scene from a light-hearted remake of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Happiness Brussels have teamed up with Peruvian League Against Cancer to raise awareness for skin cancer.

Their solution?  – A shadow Wi-Fi system.


The system allows people on the beach to connect to the internet – but only if they are in the shade behind the giant blue rectangular block.

According to, a directional antenna ensures that the Wi-Fi is only delivered to the shaded area. A sensor tracks the movement of the sun throughout the day, changing the rotation of the Wi-Fi antenna.


When users log on to the network, the organisation provide the cancer association valuable analytics on how much time they’re spending in the shade.

Goodbye sunburn – hello cat videos.

Images / Video (c) Happiness Anywhere


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