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Guyfi Booths.

Sometimes a man needs to relax. Sometimes he needs to relax in public.

That’s the thinking behind the ‘Modesty Booths’ installed in New York by Hot Octopuss, an adult pleasure brand.

Seemingly inspired by Time Out’s recent survey that suggested 39% of New York men have… ‘relaxed’ while at work, Hot Octopuss wanted to give them a chance to do so outside of the office.


The ‘GuyFi’ booths, or rather the phone boxes with black cloth drapes over the entrance, have popped up in New York City and have, we’re told, been used over 100 times on that first day.

“We may be insinuating that these booths could be used in whichever way anyone would like to ‘self soothe'”, a Hot Octopuss representative told Mashable, “but the brand is not actively encouraging people to masturbate in public as that is an illegal offense.”

Genius idea? Yes. Great execution? You got it. Hilarious statement from the company? Check. All the hallmarks of a great stunt.

Credit to Mashable.


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