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Ghostbusters III.

We all have ‘that friend’.

You know – the one who swears his/her life is basically just one big episode of Goosebumps?

Haunted House - deviant art

The one who swears that there’s a poltergeist in the downstairs loo who keeps turning the light on and off whilst you’re in the middle of your business?

The one that avidly swears they saw the pale limping figure of Great Aunt Deirdre shuffling around the attic, knocking over a shoe that she may or may not have owned (spooky)?

Yeah. That one.

Well it turns out this friend isn’t alone, and dear old Deirdre is actually costing home owners who are trying to sell to ‘that friend’ hugely – up to twenty per cent of their total house value!

Ghostfinder Paranormal Society

But fear not! In perfect pre-Halloween fashion, the London-based estate agent House Network has teamed up with The Ghost Finder Paranormal Society to give new buyers ‘the ultimate peace of mind’.

By setting up camera’s and static readers in your home, a few hours can achieve something more valuable than a cinema room or swimming pool ever could – “A Ghost-Free Certification”.


Images (c) London24, DeviantArt


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