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Festival goers find fame with Pepsi.

Ever wanted to try being famous for a day? PepsiCo together with YouTube star Jack Jones are giving festival goers the opportunity to experience the lavish lifestyle…

But just for an hour.

Calm down.


The team at Pepsi Max have launched their ‘One Hour Entourage’ stunt, which sees festival revellers being offered a VIP ‘entourage’ for an hour.

This includes a full VIP makeover by celebrity stylist Alexis Knox; a team of staff including a butler, security guard, manager, groupie (of course) and photographer; plus access to a private viewing platform.


Jones said about the experience “Giving people fun and unexpected experiences is what I love doing, so it was great to be able to put some of my skills to the test in a different, festival environment”.

We think the hour of A-List fun looks pretty sweet – where do we sign up?

Images (c) Event/Pepsi Max Festivals

Video (c) YouTube


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