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Facebook vs Twitter.


Current TV launches Facebook vs Twitter, a unique TV experiment with the giants of the social networking sphere going head-to-head in a race against time.

This audacious five day challenge will pit Team Facebook against Team Twitter as they solve daily challenges with the help of their online communities, aiming to prove which of the web phenomena really is top dog. Shipped to random destinations and armed with a list of daily challenges, two opposing teams of Current TV presenters will use their communities to guide them through their mission – but which website will wield the greatest influence?

Will the tweets of the Twitter community help one team fly towards the finish line or will Facebook’s frenzied followers take first prize? Exclusive to Current TV, the two teams, one group male and one female, will embark upon their journey live on Current TV’s Upstream on Monday 8th June at 7pm.

Also launching in July is Current TV’s This Is Gonna Sound a Bit Gay season, which delves into the religious and social barriers that still exist despite the works of those of gay icons such as Harvey Milk.

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