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Battle Of The Brides!.

four-weddings-logo-pinkThe battle of the brides is on as four weddings go to head to head each week, in the ultimate wedding eavesdrop show that invites you, the viewers, to watch, revel in, critique and enjoy four very different weddings, where one woman’s perfect day is another woman’s idea of hell.

Four Weddings, which launches on LIVING in July, sees four brides -to -be compete against each other in unbridled wedding warfare, as couples attend each other’s special day to score the service and judge the festivities under a matrimonial microscope.

The couple who score highest scoop every newly wed’s dream prize – a luxury five-star honeymoon. Everything’s under scrutiny in the bridal showdown, as the dresses, venue, catering and overall presentation are praised or pitied by rival couples vying to stage the winning wedding.

From posh traditionalist ceremonies and blow the budget Barbiesque fairytales, to budget brides, pagan biker weddings, vintage tea party weddings, African extravaganzas and civil partnerships.

The ten-part series culminates with a special celebrity episode, in which four famous faces and their partners go up against one another. Think Come Dine With Me, but for weddings and cue the two faced compliments, bitchy comments and snide remarks as each wedding is ruthlessly dissected.

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