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Election Crunchtime!.

LONDON, Wednesday 28th April 2010: Crisp creator Tyrrells will launch a limited edition range of party political potato crisp flavours to mark next week’s General Election.

Over 2000 people from across the country voted on which flavours and tastes they would associate with the UK’s main political parties.

The results of the poll have now inspired the ingredients for a new election snack range.

Political Flavour Crisps from Tyrrells

Cameron Crunchies (Eton Mess), Gordon’s Gourmet (Scotch Egg and Brown Sauce) and Clegg’s Cocktail (Hummous and Roasted Vegetables) will go on sale at Selfridges London from 4-6 May and will be available from on these dates.

The findings of the national vote revealed that the most popular flavours associated with the Conservatives had distinct sweet and smooth notes, with over a quarter of respondents naming Eton Mess (25.10%) as the flavour that would best represent the party, followed by Pheasant, Stilton and Chutney.

In the red corner 40% of those surveyed named Scotch Egg and Brown Sauce as the flavours that define Labour Party narrowly beating northern stew Hotpot, Bitter Beer and Bubble & Squeak – flavour combinations rooted in the party’s working class history that still resonate with today’s voters.

Nearly half of voters (48.9%) named Hummous and Roasted Vegetables as the key flavours of the Liberal Democrat palette.

The Tyrrells election results in full:

Conservatives: Eton Mess (25.10%) Pheasant (24.5%) Stilton and Chutney (22.35%) Cucumber Sandwich (16.65%)

Labour : Scotch Egg and Brown Sauce (40%) Hotpot (38.5%) Bitter (13%) Bubble & Squeak (8.5%)

Liberal: Hummous and Roasted Vegetables (48.9%) Coriander (21.55%) Lentils (19.85%) Elderflower (9.7%)

With many of the nation’s voters still undecided, chefs at Tyrrells have been working round the clock to add a Hung Parliament flavour to the range. The unique recipe is a challenging fusion of hotpot, pheasant and lentils.

James Blackband, Head Taste Technician at Tyrrells Potato Chips says: “The General Election is one of the truly iconic events in the British calendar; we wanted to create a range of potato chips that celebrate this landmark day. The range is designed to provide a surprising twist on the traditional flavours available. We promise to leave a distinctive taste on the nation’s palette in the run up to Election Day.”

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