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Meal time is not always a lot of fun. Staying late, followed by the long commute home, mean that, for many people, preparing a healthy, fulfilling meal is a little too much effort. Takeaways, so often held up as the “easy and unhealthy” option have undergone a renaissance in recent years, with brands embracing  healthy eating while still being an easy option for busy people.

Deliveroo is one such company, and this week has surprised commuters at Waterloo Station with something to inject a little bit of fun back into dinner time.

Combining the thrill of chance with delicious food was always going to be a winning combination; with commuters pulling the lever for a chance to win a number of rewards. Samples from some of Deliveroo’s most popular restaurants and “jackpot” surprises were on offer in Deliveroo’s bespoke machine, which will now be touring the country and, hopefully, bringing a few smiles to disgruntled faces along the way.


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