Creative Brand Communications

Dramatic launches for Sky Atlantic

Amplification of programme seasons, channel launches and new products


Taylor Herring have executed a number of creative PR campaigns for the Sky brand, securing widespread coverage by engaging with current news stories and trends.

Polar Bear Hits The Streets Of London

We helped drive excitement and intrigue around the new arctic crime drama, Fortitude. 

48 hours before the launch of the show, an 8 ft long, fully animated ‘adult male polar bear’ – which features in the opening episode – was unleashed onto the streets of London.

The unique ultra-realistic build was created by our team of Hollywood special effects experts alongside puppeteers, who had spent three years working together as ‘Joey’ in War Horse and studied footage of real polar bears.

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The World’s First Robot Influencer

To launch Westworld we handed the marketing to an ultra-realistic robot.

The production process involved developing hundreds of thousands of lines of computer code and designing a sophisticated metal skeleton, acrylic eyes and silicone skin to bring ‘Fred’ to life.

Fred represented the very apex of new technology and the most advanced humanoid style robot ever seen in the UK.

His human-like interactions were controlled by a telepresence system, which uses inbuilt sensors, cameras and microphones to track what and how people interact with the robot. Fred was able to respond appropriately with emphasised gestures and punctuated speech voiced by a remote operator.

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Movie Makeovers

We engaged one of the world’s leading make up talents, Lucia Pittalis, to produce some incredible movie-star transformations to encourage talkability around the rebrand of Sky Movies to Sky Cinema.

Our artist transformed herself into four Hollywood stars– Daniel Craig, Meryl Streep, Tom Hiddleston and Harrison Ford – all of whom would be featuring in the opening season of Sky Cinema.

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Naked Sun Terrace

To celebrate the NOW TV Combo deal, which offers the latest and best TV, broadband and calls without a contract, we took advantage of the ‘do it in the nude’ trend by announcing the first ever Naked Sun Terrace in London.

With London experiencing a heatwave it was the perfect chance for Brits to try the freedom of being ‘clothes-free’ as well as contract-free in the sun at this exclusive sun terrace.

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