Making mischief with Paddy Power

Creating headlines for UK's most mischievous bookmaker


Taylor Herring have been working with Britain’s most mischievous bookmaker for over a decade.

The work has focussed on some main events of the sporting and entertainment calendar including The Brits, The World Cup, Royal Ascot, The Ryder Cup, the Euros, The Olympics and Cheltenham Festival.

The Drunk Tank

A bold new initiative promising to bring relief to the residents of Ascot was unveiled following a spate of alcohol-fuelled brawls at race meetings.

The campaign delivered 4 Million video views and 100+ high value news articles.

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A Brief History Of Extra Time

We teamed up with Britain’s greatest scientific mind to solve England’s footballing mysteries.

Professor Stephen Hawking turned his mind from theoretical physics to predicting the England team’s chances at the World Cup.

In a research paper and video he laid out his analysis on two pressing footballing issues: ‘what are the optimal conditions for England’s success?’ and ‘how to score a penalty shootout’.

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When Paddy gatecrashed the Brits

We caused a sensation on the Brit Awards red carpet by sending in two guys kitted out as French techno-gods Daft Punk.

Paddy Power became one of the main talking points of the event and featured heavily in social media conversations and next day media coverage.

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A jockey for the Uffington White Horse

Installing a temporary jockey on Britain’s most famous horse to celebrate Paddy Power’s Cheltenham festival activity.

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