Creative Brand Communications

Altos Tequila: An integrated PR campaign and product launch



A case study in delivering brand fame, product sampling and engaging content

Altos Tequila asked us to help make the brand famous as the UK’s number one tequila brand for margaritas.

Our multi-channel marketing approach spanned delivery, sampling events, tourable bars, product launches and giving the brand a voice on National Margarita Day..

The Altos Hot Lime

We kicked off our work with a fully integrated campaign that stepped in to solve a problem for the nation’s margarita lovers.
Our research revealed many hosts underestimate how many limes they’ll need when making a marg at home. This was a first world problem that we needed to solve! And so our Emergency Hotlime’ was launched.
Our Hotlime Delivery service launched with a beautifully shot Public Service Announcement set in a luxury apartment. Fronted by fellow cocktail enthusiast Alice Levine, our story warned of the emotional dangers of running out of limes, introducing our service as the perfect solution for hosts caught limeless.
Over the course of the summer, lime-less margarita lovers just had to call our ‘Hotlime’ and Altos would deliver last-minute limes to save their evenings.
We amplified the campaign by partnering with cocktail-loving food and drink influencers to trial the service and share the scheme with their followers.
Premium gifting packs were created featuring bespoke messaging and encouraged creators to share envy-inducing unboxing content with their followers.
Our Hot Lime service was launched in three cities across the UK, delivered over 1M social impressions, 200 pieces of media coverage, including 13 nationals and the #3 trending article on The Independent.

Margs on the Move

We followed up on our Hotlime Delivery Service with a national sampling that delivered margaritas to the masses.
We worked with our in-house production team St Marks Studio to source, design and fabricate a multi-purpose branded tourable bar – a vintage Mexicana truck in Altos’ distinctive branding.
Our Margs on the Move sampling campaign toured key cities across the country, delivering refreshing margaritas to the nation.
To drive regional and national coverage for the tour, we created and served a selection of tequila and margarita ice-lollies – inspired by the Mexican tradition of Chapulines – bug eating!
Our unique range of margarita lollies included the popular spicy picante and, for those brave enough, tequila worms and crunchy grasshoppers.
The campaign delivered over 50 pieces of national and regional coverage, and more importantly got our tequila in the hands of 7000 new drinkers!

Altos Product Launch

Altos wanted a low-cost press office and NPD launch campaign for their hotly anticipated RTS pre-mixed margarita.
A trade story went out to land those all-important grocery titles, but with listings coverage for spirit NPDs being competitive, we needed creative ways to cut through.
We knew the true value in the Altos pre-mix margarita was in helping hosts up their cocktail game – Quick and bar-quality serves at home. That was our route in.
We went live with our consumer announcement on a day we knew our audience were hosting – National Margarita Day. A study into the nation’s favourite white lies (“I made this myself!”) gave us an unexpected route in to landing our key messages.
An influencer seeding campaign went live at the same time, with bespoke gift boxes, glassware and product sent out to key journalists and food and drink creators.
Our influencers delivered over 1.2M impressions with a 4.6% engagement rate, adding to the 25 pieces of key consumer and retail coverage, including 4 nationals. Cheers to that!