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Dalek straw sculpture promotes ice cream launch

Posted on August 2nd, 2013 James in Stunt Of The Day.

There’s a long, esteemed tradition in this industry for making PR hay while the sun shines.

Acres of billowing wheat have previously yielded some impressive circle-related marketing stunts. But this week, Snugburys Ice Cream have caught the eye with a magnificent straw… er… Dalek.


What a weird, bizarre, extraordinary sight. And yet… it’s awesome. Like the Dalek itself, of course.

Standing 35ft tall and dwarfing a JCB, this sculpture of the famous fictional robotic evil doer ostensibly celebrates Dr Who’s 50th anniversary.

Accompanying the stunt is a, wait for it, “DaLick” ice cream cone – part of the cost of which is being donated to Cancer Research UK.

According to the company blog it took around 700 man-hours to fabricate the steel frame and pack the 6 tons of straw. The dalek includes moving parts and audio features.

Because everyone loves a Dalek and because of the sheer daft boldness of the idea, there’s a lot more people this week aware of Snugburys in Nantwich.

Altogether now: “Ex-straw-minate… Ex-straw-minate”

Seen in MetroRadio Times and Digital Spy.

Produced by: Harbrook Engineering

Picture Credit: PA

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