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May 16, 2016


PETA Asia has presented a campaign that deviates from admiring materialistic accessories to a reminder of their macabre constructions. ‘Behind the Leather’ is a vehicle used to advocate animal rights, and highlight the gruesome reality behind everyone’s favourite, leather products.

PETA Asia teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok to introduce a new range of leather accessories, all of which hold a truly interior-looking, interior.

The campaign announces that ‘people are often blind to the cruelty involved’ in the fashion industry, so aim to enlighten people to this mistreatment. Displaying belts, handbags, purses and coats with a substantially ‘meaty’ inside – it truly does illuminate the real horrors behind these accessories.

PETA Asia emphasises how people need to be reminded that: Crocodiles are slaughtered by being “shot or hammered to shatter their spines and cause paralysis… an average handbag requires the slaughter of not one, but four crocodiles.”

The video has gone worldwide; landing mainstream news coverage with both the images and the video, which has almost 2 million views in a short space of time.


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