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June 17, 2015

A poem composed entirely from Cannes Lions 2015 panel titles.


by @itsjamesherring


Hanging out at the frontiers of visual narrative

Green tastes like lemon ice cream

From Bach to Bizet – music for synch

A creative renaissance.


TicTac and Minions collide

Belgian creativity and images with stopping power

Creativity is the only way to survive



Listening to kidnappers, terrorists and each other

Blood, sex and story telling

Arabs be like…

Opening the kimono.


When new just isn’t enough

Where ISIS and Seth Rogan Meet

In is the new in

Creativity from the middle of nowhere.


Creating content for today’s platform surfers

Decoding the secrets of Japanese creativity

Connecting people in a transparent world

Engineering an image to create cultural chaos.


The fine line between art and experiential marketing

The coming AI revolution

The rise of smart spaces

The gutsy guide to brand activism.


A conversation with Kenneth Branagh

Nailing jelly to a tree and other wild goose chases

Colour disruption is a sensory science

Data science.


How to grow the people you want to hire

How to survive a zombie attack

How to blow shit up

How to rebuild a creative culture when everything is fucked.


Don’t be shy of the tech revolution

Superstar secrets and video voodoo

You only need 48hours to solve the brief

‘Marketing to women in the forth wave of feminism’


Beach soccer tournament?





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