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November 17, 2015

A Christmas surprise at KwikFit.

LONDON, Tuesday 17th November: An unexpected trip to their local Kwik Fit turned into something truly magical for ten children in a new Christmas video that hit the internet today.

At the Whestone garage in North London, the children bumped into Santa Claus, his trusty reindeer and a present-stacked sleigh!

In the hidden-camera film, the kids gasp in astonishment as they realise that the jolly, bearded gentleman perusing a map of UK flight paths in the garage reception is in fact a VIP visitor from the North Pole.

Through the reception window they spy a vintage sleigh being checked by Kwik Fit technicians whilst Santa’s reindeer are grazing on bales of hay ahead of the long flight back to the North Pole.

The surprise is made complete when Santa unexpectedly addresses each child by name and then produces presents from the back of his sleigh. Each gift handed over was exactly what the children had requested from Santa in letters written earlier in the month.

“How does he know my name?” one child demands to know.

Another asks Santa; ‘How did you know what I wanted?’

“He’s Santa Claus, that’s why!” concludes one child.

Staff at Kwik Fit orchestrated the festive surprise for their customers’ children and with the help of their parents, gave Santa a hand in finding out what they really wanted for Christmas this year.

Kenji Murai, CEO of Kwik Fit (GB) Ltd, said: “We wanted to give our customers’ children an incredible treat in the lead up to Christmas. With help from Santa and his reindeer we gave the children a festive surprise as their parents had their cars serviced by our technicians. We had a sneak peek at the children’s letters to Santa and made sure they got everything they wished for. It’s not just Santa that will be making an epic trip this Christmas, people all over the country will be making journeys to see loved ones. We are launching our free winter safety check across our 620 centres nationwide, to ensure our customers are safe on the roads this Christmas.”

 Kwik Fit are offering Free Winter safety checks for customers this Christmas.

The campaign was devised and executed by Taylor Herring.




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