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Gaucho launch ‘Gentlemen’s Grotto’ for weary Christmas shoppers

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Staff at London’s celebrated Gaucho Piccadilly restaurant test out their Christmas gift wrapping skills ahead of this year’s Shop West End VIP day on Saturday November 24th 2012.

Oxford Street and Regent Street will be closed to traffic on Saturday as part of its annual Christmas shopping event.

Gaucho will offer a retreat from the festive retail hustle and bustle – with a ‘Gentleman’s Grotto’ featuring a sizzling outdoor steak grill, Bloody Mary bar and a free gift wrap service for diners.

West End VIP (Very Important Pedestrian) Day will see the roads shut off and fully pedestrianised between 8am and 8pm.

Gentlemen are being offered the chance to shelter from the shopping storm whilst indulging on Argentina’s finest steaks, empanadas and cerviche; all whilst Gaucho staff wrap their Christmas swag for them.


Grand Marnier Limited Edition Bottle Pays Homage To Paris Chic

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LONDON, Wednesday 7th November 2012: Grand Marnier has announced the launch of their Limited Edition ‘Paris’ Bottle this Christmas featuring a stunning new design that pays homage to the capital of fashion, luxury and savoir-vivre.

The latest design pays tribute to Paris – the home of Grand Marnier’s success story.

Featuring a midnight blue lacquered bottle overlaid with a gilded gold frieze outline of a stylised, star-filled Parisian skyline – the design provides a timeless and evocative image of a magical evening in the City of Light.

The Paris bottle is the eleventh specially designed bottle from the iconic liqueur brand.

First appearing in 1927, the Grand Marnier Limited Edition collection constitutes a magnificent testimony to the brand’s heritage whilst continuing to innovate and surprise.

First produced in 1880, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge marries the exoticism of bitter oranges with the nobility of cognac to provide a distinct and elegant taste liqueur that is appreciated in more than 150 countries around the world.

The limited edition Paris bottle will be available at Harvey Nichols  and Whisky specialist shops , prices start from £25.99.

Please drink responsibly www.drinkaware.co.uk

Red Stripe Make Session 5: Reel-To-Reel (LIVE)

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LONDON, Monday 5th November 2012: Tonight Red Stripe’s fifth Boiler Room Make Session will be creating fireworks of its own by celebrating one of the freshest and most innovative radio stations out there – NTS, with a live reel to reel recording session.

Featuring sounds across two stages, Boiler Room will be showcasing more live performances than ever before.

All performances will be captured in a live reel to reel recording session and put onto an exclusive 12” vinyl which will become available at a later date. This will feature the best of each artist from the night.

With a poetic sound system from duo Insomniax, harmonious dub electronica from My Panda Shall Fly, and also experimental electronic and dreampop sounds from Paco Sala, the Make Sessions 005 will feature a wide range of musical performances in the biggest capacity Boiler Room ever.

They will be joined by sound and visual artist Graham Dunning who taps into a collage of rhyme and drone, and experimental soul, electonica, juke and pop duo Yola Fatoush.

Also performances from Temperatures, Helm, fos, Leanne Miller, NYX Chariot, 92 Points and NTS DJs.

NTS Founder Femi Adeyemi said: “The Boiler Room and Red Stripe Make Sessions have always been about experimenting and creating new sounds. With such a range of performance artists on the line up, we are really excited to be making this record with Boiler Room and Red Stripe. The live reel to reel recording session will capture the essence of the night in its truest form, so it can be experienced for more than just one night only.”

Make Session 005 is invite only, but can be viewed at www.boilerroom.tv/live

Web: www.redstripe.net

Twitter: @RedStripeLager #redstripe

Facebook: www.facebook.com/redstripelagerbeer

Please make and drink responsibly www.drinkaware.co.uk



Ping Pong’s Coming Home

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LONDON, Tuesday 21st August 2012: Introducing Bounce – a long anticipated and unique flagship London venue that promises to deliver an entirely new kind of night out featuring table tennis, cocktails, high-end dining and eclectic beats in a beautifully designed space.

Opening on 1st October 2012, after two years in the making, Bounce will be Europe’s first ‘Social Ping Pong Club’, taking inspiration from the explosion of stylish table tennis social venues stateside and the huge resurgence of interest in the game within the UK over the last few years.

Designed by award-winning interior designer Russell Sage (The Zetter Townhouse, The Hospital Club and The Savoy), Bounce is built on the very same site where the game of table tennis was originally invented by Jaques & Son.

Featuring a timeless, yet stylish and edgy interior, the venue will offer Londoners the chance to experience the game of table tennis afresh – in a 12,500 square foot central London space just two minutes’ walk from Farringdon and Chancery Lane tube stations.

Bounce has raised restaurant seating for up to 130 guests with an expansive view overlooking the playing area.

The open plan venue offers a tantalising menu, complimented by a 7ft wide open counter wood-burning pizza oven; a 40ft bar laid out in an arc around the playing area and 17 table tennis tables.

There is also an uber stylish private room available for exclusive hire featuring three specially commissioned ping pong tables alongside the private cocktail bar and DJ booth.

Customers will choose from a seasonally inspired drinks menu including a range of boutique London beers, fine wines and classic British cocktails.

Bounce is the brainchild of entrepreneur and accomplished table tennis player Dov Penzik and Adam Breeden.

The duo teamed up with Joe Jaques – grandson of the game’s inventor, John Jaques III, to bring the concept to life.  Joe, who continues to run the family firm, is a partner in the venture supplying the club with its stunning, solid oak table tennis tables.

Adam Breeden, MD of Bounce says; Some things are worth reviving and our love of Ping Pong is one of them. Ping Pong is the most accessible, and we believe the most fun sporting activity there is, and it’s a British invention!  Bounce, the home of Social Ping Pong, is taking the game back to its roots by combining the sport with socialising, entertainment and a touch of glamour”

Co-Founder Dov Penzik added: Bringing Bounce to life has been an incredible experience. Since dreaming up the idea almost four years ago, social Ping Pong has begun to emerge in the US and in pockets of London. Adding great food and a fabulous bar environment to our love of the game creates a fresh new take on a lifelong passion.”

Joe Jaques comments “The opening of Bounce is a defining moment for a new generation of table tennis fans. Bounce is refreshing the game by building a complete social experience around it.  My grandfather would heartily approve.”

Also ready to step up to the (Ping Pong) table are partners Alex Chesterman, founder of LOVEFiLM and Zoopla, Ed and Tom Martin from ETM Group which owns Vietnamese street food chain Pho as well as upmarket eateries The Botanist and Chiswell Street Dining Rooms, and Mark Sainsbury, owner of The Zetter Townhouse and Moro.








The Walking Dead mark DVD launch with Brain Burger Van

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LONDON, Tuesday 21st August 2012: The booming London street food scene will face a new challenger to the taste crown this week as the first mobile gastronomers to offer a menu made up entirely of brains and offal roll into town.

Certain to cater to the tastes of customers, both dead and alive, who have a penchant for the innermost of body parts, The Gory Gourmet was created to celebrate next week’s release of zombie thriller series The Walking Dead Season 2, which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 27th August.

The delectable delicacies on offer will utilise meaty morsels that are all too often overlooked with a tantalising menu devised and developed by street food king, chef Mark Jankel. Formerly of Notting Hill Brasserie and now running the wildly successful mobile food company Street Kitchen, Mark will work his magic to freshly prepare the food on site.

The menu comprises three delicious brain dishes with some offally good sides, all using responsibly sourced British ingredients …

The Menu:

Big Brain Burger

Brain burger with smoked mustard mayo, lettuce and cheese in a sesame seed bun

Crispy Brain Dippers

Crispy chunks of brain with barbecue sauce

Brain Salad Wrap

Crispy chunks of brain with wild rocket and tarragon mayo


Feet and Thyroid Nuggets

Nuggets of pig’s feet and cow thyroid with herb mayo

Skewered Hearts

Grilled beef heart skewers with horseradish mayo

On Wednesday 22nd August, The Gory Gourmet will park up at world-renowned Camden Lock Market, just inside the entrance to Camden Lock Place, and will give away free servings of the dishes on offer to the lucky customers who are first in the lunchtime queue from 12.30pm.

On Thursday 23rd, it will move on to a Lower Marsh Market, Waterloo for another lunchtime serving up the dishes to hungry Londoners, again on a first-come-first served basis. Potential customers will be able to track the trailer’s progress by visiting facebook.com/TheWalkingDeadUK and will also be asked to check in to the Facebook Location: The Gory Gourmet – before redeeming their free meal.

Further locations will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

Mark Jankel said: I can’t wait to bring this completely new offering to the public this week…It’s a great opportunity to use some unusual British ingredients. After a heavy morning in the office our customers should have the appetite of the Walking Dead, lucky for us it means we should have some long queues!”

The second instalment of the post-apocalyptic, smash hit TV series, The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season follows police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as he continues to lead a group of survivors across the USA, in the midst of a zombie epidemic.

Out on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 27th August, the critically acclaimed series is the perfect accompaniment to a brain burger.

Holy Water ‘Vice Lolly’ goes on sale in London

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A sinfully delicious ice lolly will go on sale in London today – mixing holy water with mind-bending 80 per cent proof absinthe.

The gun-shaped green popsicle, dubbed the ‘Vice Lolly,’ consists of one part alcohol and three parts water from a spring in Lourdes, France, which many Catholics believe has healing powers.

The Vice Lolly, which costs £18.58 will go on sale at the radical The Icecreamists shop in Covent Garden.

[picture credit: Jim Marks]

Owner Matt O’Connor, 45, hit headlines in February last year when he began selling ice cream made from breast milk.

This year he is building on his reputation for shock and awe by releasing water from a spring at the Grotto of Massabielle at Lourdes, considered holy by over a billion Catholics worldwide – and a drink seen as being so strong it was said to have led legendary artist Van Gogh to have chopped his own ear off.

“Being born into a Catholic family I wanted to make a statement about religion,” said Matt.

“I was looking at doing something that was a traditional children’s ice lolly, but I turned this idea on its head. I went from something quite innocent to the most radically provocative concept possible. I have a source in France that bought the holy water for me in plastic bottles. After it was shipped over I spent a lot of time tasting it with absinthe and sugar to get the taste and balance just right. Then we super-freeze the high alcohol content mixture into hand-gun shaped moulds. You get a hit of absinthe with a touch of sweetness. After about three of these the average drinker would certainly be feeling the effects.”

The product is displayed in a gun cabinet freezer.

In the Nineteenth Century absinthe was banned outright by the Victorians, who nicknamed the drug-like tipple, “the green goddess”. The powerful liquor was allowed to be on sale in the UK from 1998.

The water at the spring in Lourdes is considered holy by the Catholic Church since 1858 when a 14-year-old girl who later became Saint Bernadette Soubirous claimed she saw the Virgin Mary there in a vision.

These are now called the “Marian Apparitions” and since this time thousands of pilgrims have travelled each year in the hope their ailments will be miraculously cured.

The Icecreamists’ mission is to turn the traditional ice cream parlour experience on its head by reinventing sorbets and gelatos with a unique twist.

Their boutique menu includes chocolate volcanoes and chilli vodka ice creams. The interior design of the store follows a theme of experimentation with presentation involving syringes, flames and cryogenic cocktails made with liquid nitrogen.

For interviews contact Taylor Herring PR and for picture enquiries email: pictures@barcroftmedia.com

Follow The Icecreamists on Twitter 

Return of the Secret Lemonade Drinker

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LONDON, Monday 28th May 2012: One of Britain’s most famous commercials will return to TV screens tonight (Monday). The iconic 1973 ‘Secret Lemonade Drinker’ ad, one of the longest running and best-loved campaigns in television history, has been recreated with its original cast to launch a new R White’s lemonade ice lolly.

Frederick’s Dairies, who produce the lollies for R White’s owner Britvic, reunited actors Julian Chagrin and Harriet Philpin after almost 40 years, following a public appeal to find the original Mrs R White’s.The airing of the advert will mark the start of National Ice Cream Week.

The campaign had to be put on hold for several months while talent, online and social media searches for Harriet failed to uncover her whereabouts. In the end, a public appeal caught the attention of Harriet’s son in London, who contacted his mother at her home in the Irish countryside.

The new advert was filmed in London and will premiere tonight on comedy channel Gold at 8.15pm.

The commercial opens with actor Julian Chagrin (72) creeping down the stairs in the middle of the night to a new ‘I’m a Secret Lemonade Licker’ song. Julian performs his original moves from the 1973 advert and is caught prancing around the kitchen in front of his ever disapproving onscreen wife, actress Harriet Philpin (60).

Julian Chagrin said, ‘It is amazing if not a little surreal to be recreating this R White’s advert. It has been an honour to be a part of a campaign which was taken to the nations’ hearts and I hope that this revival will mean that a new generation can also enjoy it.”

Harriet Philpin commented, “My son rang me up and said ‘you won’t believe it mum, you’re in the papers over here [in London], R White’s has spent months searching for you’. I got straight on the phone and was thrilled to be invited back on set with Julian to recreate the magic of the 70s for the new lolly.”

Jenny Bostock, from Britvic Licensing partner Frederick Dairies said, “R White’s is a much loved and iconic British brand. We couldn’t think of a more fitting way to mark its enduring appeal and the launch of the new lolly than to reunite the original cast.”

For pictures, video and more information contact Taylor Herring PR on 0208 206 5151

About R White’s

  • The original R White’s advert was launched in 1973 and won the Silver Award at the 1974 International Advertising Festival
  • It remains one of Britain’s all time favourite ads. In 2009 it came 7th in a Top 100 adverts poll.
    ‘The Secret Lemonade Drinker’ advert has previously been updated with guest appearances from  Frankie Howard, Ronnie Corbett and even tennis ace John McEnroe
  • Julian Chagrin is a British comedian and actor who had appeared in the classic film Blow Up before winning the role of the Secret Lemonade Drinker. He has been based in Israel for the past 20 years; written and directed a number short films to critical acclaim; and is an accomplished mime artist.
  • Harriet Philpin, 60, went on to star alongside Tom Baker in the classic Doctor Who serial Genesis of the Daleks, and to land roles in Blake’s 7 and The Sweeney.
  • Ross McManus wrote and performed the original song while his son, Elvis Costello (then Declan McManus), helped on the backing vocals.
  • R White’s Lemonade has been produced for over 160 years after being invented by Robert and Mary White in 1845.
  • In the 1970’s R White’s also produced other carbonated drinks including Orangeade, Dandelion and Burdock and Cream Soda flavours. R White’s was acquired by Britvic in 1986.

About Fredericks Diaries

  • Frederick’s Dairies has partnered up with Britvic having secured a 10-year ‘super licence’ which will see a selection of soft drinks brands enter the ice cream market. The R White’s lemonade lolly, will retail at £1, or £2.29 for a three-pack. . Robinson’s Fruit Shoot has also made the transition into ice lolly format, available as single Blackcurrant & Apple flavour squeeze-up (110ml for RRP £1) and as a mixed multipack of Blackcurrant & Apple and Orange flavour squeeze-ups (6x80ml for RRP £2.79)
  • Frederick’s also produce ice cream products for the Cadbury brand and iced refreshments for Del Monte.
  • The company has been named the Most Innovative Ice Cream company in the World receiving The Grocer magazine’s award for Top Launch.
  • Further information on Fredericks can be found at www.fredericksdairies.com

Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream revive the lolly stick joke via Twitter

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LONDON, Friday 25th May 2012: Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream heralds the start of a Great British summer by unveiling the first in a new generation of lolly stick ticklers following the nation’s biggest ever gag competition, @goldenlollyjoke on Twitter.

Frederick’s Dairies, who make and sell the ice cream lollies under licence for Cadbury, turned to the social media website for inspiration ahead of producing a new range of lolly stick jokes in 2013.

The initiative was launched following customer research which found that 66% of British ice cream fanatics would love to see the return of the lolly stick joke. More than 2,000 entries came via Twitter as micro bloggers flexed their humour muscles in search of a £5,000 prize.

Comedy critic and author Bruce Dessau, who has been researching comedy trends in social media, said: “There has never been a better time to revive the tradition of the lolly stick joke. Short form text mediums like Twitter have focused people on delivering bite-sized wit and shown us that a joke doesn’t have to be long to be good.”

All entries were judged by a panel of experts which included Dessau. The top gags were then put to public vote.

The winning joke has been penned by Charlie Thomas (@swingitcharlie), a Newcastle scaffolder by day and part of a Rat Pack tribute act by night.

His winning joke is ‘Who is in charge of the hankies? The hankie-chief’.

It has been engraved onto the world’s first ever 18 carat gold lolly stick which the British public will have the chance to win this weekend. The stick, worth £10,000, has been put into a random Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream Lolly for a member of the public to find. The lollies will be given out in London’s Covent Garden Piazza from Friday 25th May until Sunday 27th May.

Jenny Bostock, Consumer Marketing Manager, says: “We are proud to be reviving a great summer time tradition and what better way to do it than with the help of the nation. Twitter has re-energised our passion for joke telling and sharing. We want to bring back the fun to ice cream and put a smile on our customer faces.”

Top 10 Joke Entries @goldenlollyjoke
1. Who is in charge of the hankies? The hankie-chief! @swingitcharlie
2. Why are crabs trying to take over the sea? Because they’re shellfish – @dave_giz
3. What did the buffalo say to his child when he was leaving for uni? Bison – @MartinDarko
4. Where did Noah keep all of the freshwater fish? In his multi-storey Carp Ark – @TonyCowards
5. Why did the cow get thrown out of the darts competition? Because she hit a bulls eye – @bellmusic
6. I’ve got a joke about Elton John. It’s a little bit funny – @jcodfishpie
7. Why did the cheese maker walk with a limp? Because he only had one stilton @QuintinForbes
8. Who is president of the Zoo animals? Barack O’Llama – @zoolander1978
9. What is Bilbo Baggins’ favourite part of a cooker? The hob bit – @Alan_Machnik
10. Who did King Arthur get to look after his napkins? Sir Viette – @hilaryoscorne

For children of the 60s ,70s and 1980s the joke was an essential part of the lolly experience. Stick jokes were phased out from 1988 but will be brought back next year by Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream due to a surge in demand.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream is made under licence by Fredericks Dairies

Press Contact: Taylor Herring PR – 0208 206 5151

Red Stripe install giant arcade game in Manchester

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Manchester’s Town Hall has, this week, been transformed into a giant arcade game by renowned street artist Filthy Luker and Jamaican lager beer brand Red Stripe.

Passers-by are able to play a 17m-high version of the 80′s  8-bit classic from sundown – when the huge interactive artwork is switched on.

Using plastic road barriers and road work equipment, the installation comes alive with LED lights animating the work, allowing the public to engage on a large scale.

The artist’s creation will remain in place for a month.

Filthy Luker said “I’ve been obsessed with making art from street furniture for quite some time and had noticed the similarities between these road barriers and the classic invaders -and they seem to be taking over the city! The Make With a Red Stripe project  is all about using everyday objects to transform the mundane, which was right up my street and enabled me to realize my concept.”

The art-work has already captured the attention of the City and visual arts media.

Reports are already surfacing in the likes of Shortlist, The SunDaily Mail, Daily Telegraph, We Heart, Large Manchester, Design You Trust and Itchy City.

and in the Manchester Evening News

As part of the Make Art On The Street initiative, Red Stripe is working with a number of artists on regional initiatives, including a four-wheeled mobile art exhibition set to tour Bristol, Leeds and London, and an Edinburgh-based stop motion animation video.

The projects, all taking place this spring, have been designed to engage with the public in surprising and intriguing ways; promoting creativity and encouraging others to ‘Make with a Red Stripe’.

Web: www.redstripe.net

Tumblr:  http://redstripelager.tumblr.com

Twitter: @RedStripeLager


About Diageo

Diageo is the world’s leading premium drinks business. With its global vision, and local marketing focus, Diageo brings to consumers an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across the spirits, wine and beer categories including Smirnoff, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Baileys®, J&B, Cuervo, Captain Morgan and Tanqueray, and Beaulieu Vineyard and Sterling Vineyards wines. Diageo trades in some 180 countries around the world and is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange (DEO) and the London Stock Exchange (DGE). For more information about Diageo, its people, brands and performance, visit us at www.diageo.com. The RED STRIPE words and associated logos are trademarks © Desnoes& Geddes Ltd. 2011.

Please make and drink responsibly www.drinkaware.co.uk

Press Contact: Taylor Herring PR


Red Stripe and Boiler Room join forces for Make sessions

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London, Tuesday 21st February: Tonight, Red Stripe® will embark on a partnership with Boiler Room with the first in a series of unique collaborative music events set to be rolled out over the next 12 months.

Dubbed the Make Sessions, each installment will be a distinctive offering that reflects Red Stripe® and Boiler Room’s shared support and love for good music. No two sessions will ever be the same but will be curated with the aim of bringing brilliant live performances, DJ sets, and overall innovation to the Boiler Room audience, firmly in mind.

Red Stripe® has been an integral part of the Boiler Room story since its inception. Positioning itself somewhere between an intimate club night and UK pirate radio, Boiler Room’s strategy of showcasing artists in front of a small, exclusive crowd and live streaming the proceedings, has seen its monthly audience exceed 1.2 million people globally.

One of the fastest growing and original ideas to come out of London’s thriving underground music scene in recent years, its early days were “Founded on Red Stripe four packs, borrowed speakers and empty warehouses” as Boiler Room’s founder Blaise Bellville explains.

He continues: “Everyone probably thinks we’ve been partnered in an official capacity with Red Stripe since our inception, so to have them on board feels like a very natural progression and collaboration for us. We’re so excited for the coming sessions, and to be working with a brand we respect that’s as keen as us to do something different.”

Make Session 001, taking place on Tuesday 21st February at a secret location, will take Boiler Room back to its roots. As Boiler Room has grown, so have the locations, but the first session will take it back to basics with a small crowd in a dusty old room. A line-up of Lex Records artists, including none other than DOOM, will all be taking to the decks.

Boiler Room’s host Thristian bPm comments: “Our ideal to kick off this partnership was to take things back to basics, couple that with DOOM, JJ and the whole Lex family, both us and Red Stripe are hyped to say the least.”

The first Make Session is invite only, but can be viewed at www.boilerroom.tv/live

Lex Records Artists:

DOOM is a hip-hop/rap DJ who grew up in Long Island, New York. Previous incarnations include rapper Zev Love K whilst a member of KMD and MF (Metal Face) Doom – to this day he keeps his face hidden during live performances with a metal mask. He has collaborated with Danger Mouse on two releases under the name Danger Doom and will release a record with Jneiro Jarel later this year.

JNEIRO JAREL is an experimental American producer and MC noted and respected for his abstract, artistic style which fuses Acid Jazz and Afro-Brazilian with Hip-Hop and Broken Beat. Also known as Dr. Who Dat, he’s collaborated with artists such as Damon Albarn and Massive Attack and shared the stage with Jay-Z and Radiohead.

BOOM BIP is an American producer and musician whose music is mostly instrumental, although he has collaborated with vocalists. He is also known for the remixes he’s done for many artists on several different labels including Hot Hot Heat, Mogwai and Super Furry Animals.

Web: www.redstripe.net

Tumblr:  http://redstripelager.tumblr.com

Twitter: @RedStripeLager

Facebook: www.facebook.com/redstripelagerbeer

About Diageo

Diageo is the world’s leading premium drinks business. With its global vision, and local marketing focus, Diageo brings to consumers an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across the spirits, wine and beer categories including Smirnoff, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Baileys®, J&B, Cuervo, Captain Morgan and Tanqueray, and Beaulieu Vineyard and Sterling Vineyards wines.

Diageo trades in some 180 countries around the world and is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange (DEO) and the London Stock Exchange (DGE).  For more information about Diageo, its people, brands and performance, visit us at www.diageo.com.

Please drink responsibly www.drinkaware.co.uk

The RED STRIPE words and associated logos are trademarks © Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. 2011

Press Contact: Taylor Herring PR


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