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Uri Geller and Kellogg’s Throne Of Spoons

Posted on January 15th, 2015 in Celebrity PR,Consumer PR,creative publicity,Event PR,Experiential Marketing,FMCG,Food and Drink PR,PR Stunt,PR Stunts,Publicity Stunts.

LONDON, 15th January 2015: It’s a throne fit for a King – cereal giant Kellogg’s has unveiled Uri Geller’s latest creation, a magnificent ‘Throne of Spoons’ to celebrate its most exciting on pack promotion to date.


The throne was inspired by the Iron Throne from hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’.

The custom designed, one of a kind throne took Uri and Kellogg’s design team two months to build using a total of over 2,000 spoons – each was single handedly attached to the throne structure.

A handful of the spoons used to construct the throne were gifted to Uri over the years by a host of his celebrity friends such as John Lennon, Robin Gibb and Mick Jagger.


The throne will take pride of place amongst Uri’s impressive collection of memorabilia which includes a crystal rock sphere given to him from Salvador Dali and a Cadillac covered with thousands of spoons from a host of iconic figures such as Winston Churchill, Elvis and Nelson Mandela.

The throne was commissioned by Kellogg’s as part of a new on pack promotion to send off for a free, personalised spoon.

The throne will be unveiled in all its glory at a free ‘spoon bending breakfast’ event on Saturday 24th January at Westfield W12 London, where Uri aims to bend his one millionth spoon whilst attempting to teach members of the public the secrets behind his ability.

Audience members can also have their very own Ned Stark moment and have their picture taken on the throne with Uri himself.

Uri Geller said, ‘I’ve seen and done some incredible things and the Throne of Spoons is certainly up there as one of them I’m really excited to be a part of the Kellogg’s project and hope everyone will pick up their free, personalised spoon to eat their favourite cereal with.’

To take part in the spoons promotion and claim a free, personalised spoon, simply pick up three packs of Kellogg’s cereal, enter the codes on the Kellogg’s website, choose a size (adult or child) and it will then be sent in the post.

The spoon can be engraved with either a name or phrase as well as a Kellogg’s character including favourites Tony the Tiger and Coco the Monkey.

A Kellogg’s spokesperson said ‘We wanted to bring the fun factor to the launch of this latest Kellogg’s on pack promotion. Uri looks fantastic on his “iron throne” channelling Ned Stark and we hope he inspires everyone to claim their free personalised spoon and join us at our breakfast in January.’

The Kellogg’s breakfast with Uri Geller will take place on Saturday 24th January at Westfield London W12 from 10am.

To find out more about the promotion, GO HERE  and to reserve a place at the breakfast, email

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William Hill invent The Liquid Christmas Lunch

Posted on December 23rd, 2014 in Betting Brands,creative publicity,Food and Drink PR,Health and Fitness PR,PR Stunt,Publicity Stunts.

LONDON, 23rd December: As the average Brit gets ready to consume a gut busting 7,000 calories on Christmas Day – and pile on 6lbs by New Year — a crack team of food scientists recruited by William Hill have come up with a brilliant, healthy alternative.

Thanks to high tech kitchen know-how there’s no need to stuff yourself with the traditional lunch as well as festive favourites like mince pies because now you can enjoy all those flavours courtesy of an extraordinary layered liquid lunch that packs just 294 calories.


The culinary breakthrough came after bookmaker William Hill engaged food scientist Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart, who has spent her career working with top chefs, including a three year PhD focussed on creating innovative flavour and texture experiences for Heston Blumenthal to use in his restaurant The Fat Duck, and Miguel Toribio-Mateas, chairman of the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT).


They were asked to create a balanced, high carbohydrate, low glycaemic load meal that provides all the nutrition needed for a jockey to remain light, yet full of energy and sharply focused before a big race. 16074689342_0cc2018d2c_b

The festive feast will be a boon for jockeys preparing for the William Hill Winter Festival at Kempton Park on 26 and 27 December. In the past many have had to restrict themselves to crackers and water for fear that seasonal indulgences would have them fail the weigh-in.

Using equipment commonly found in the modernist kitchen the meal consists of flavour extracts, foams and gels that are layered on top of each other so the diner can enjoy each individual taste as they progress through the meal.

The elfy Christmas dinner consists of the following layers: · Turkey gel · Umami-rich gravy · Carrot fluid gel · Dehydrated Brussels sprouts · Potato infused foam · Cranberry “air” ·

And it is topped with a pancetta crisp It is served with an espresso-style shot of mince pie extract and a spoonful of powdered brandy butter – an additional 38 calories. Jon Ivan-Duke at William Hill, says, “Christmas is a time when we all want to let ourselves go and enjoy all the different foods on offer but the top jockeys can’t do that.

“Typically jockeys trying to make weight will eat a restricted calorie diet in the run up to a big race, so the traditional Christmas lunch was most definitely off the menu for those racing at the William Hill Winter Festival at Kempton. The usual festive fare for jockeys riding on Boxing Day would be a slither of turkey, a couple of sprouts and a few water biscuits. Even then they will probably spend a couple of hours on race day in the sauna sweating off those last few pounds!”

Champion jockey A P McCoy who will be riding at the William Hill Winter Festival at Kempton Park on Boxing Day agrees, “This is a great invention for jockeys who are struggling to make weight for the William Hill King George but still want to feel part of their family’s festive celebrations. I always used to feel a bit left out when they all started tucking in to their turkey so this year I am looking forward to enjoying the full flavours of Christmas lunch, without having to worry about the calories.”

Food scientist Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart says. “I am used to experimenting with tastes and textures but the brief from William Hill to prepare an appetizing meal that features all of the flavours of the traditional Christmas lunch but at a fraction of the calories was a challenge. I created a layered dish full of different flavours and textures that I hope will prove both delicious and visually appealing to our jockeys!”

Press Contact: Taylor Herring

Photos: here

Recipe: Place 40g cooked turkey in the bottom of a glass. Top with 40g homemade turkey stock, and leave in the fridge to set. (Note – depending on how concentrated your stock is, you may need to add a small amount of gelatine to the turkey stock to ensure that is sets solid). Rehydrate 10g dried mushrooms with 50g turkey stock, and then finely blend. Place turkey infused mushrooms on top of the gel. Add 15g of dehydrated Brussels sprouts (but you may want to keep a few aside to garnish the dish!). Prepare the carrot fluid gel by adding 1g of agar to 100g to carrot juice, bringing the liquid to the boil, leaving to set, and then blending with a hand blender. Add 60g of this mix to the layer of Brussels Sprouts. Top with 60g potato foam, which is made by pureeing 30g boiled potato with 15g semi skimmed milk and 15g water, and aerating the mix “with nitrous oxide” OR “in a cream whipper” Finish with 20g cranberry juice mixed with 0.5g soy lecithin, blended to create a foam. Add a slice of grilled pancetta or bacon to serve. To prepare the mince pie extract, add 30g mincemeat to 30g orange & mango juice and 60g water. Mix thoroughly and strain through muslin to collect the juice. Serve 40g in an the espresso cup. To make the powdered brandy butter, melt 2g butter, flavoured with brandy, and mix with 2g maltodextrin. Serve on a teaspoon alongside the mince pie infusion.

Nutritional Information: Nutrition information provided by Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Chairman of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, BANT.

Ingredients for main and dessert: Brussels sprouts, raw 1.0 x 100 grams (100g) Butter powder 0.02 x 100 grams (2g) Carrot juice 0.6 x 100 grams (60g) Cranberry juice 0.2 x 100 grams (20g) Gelatin sheet mix 0.25 x 100 grams (100g) Lecithin 1.0 x 4 grams (4g) Maltodextrin 0.5 x 4 grams (2g) Milk, reduced fat, fluid, 2% milkfat 0.15 x 100 grams (100g) Mushrooms, all varieties, dried 0.1 x 100 grams (100g) Orange & mango juice 0.3 x 100 grams (30g) Pie, mince, prepared from recipe 0.3 x 100 grams (30g dry but only 10g accounted for after filtering) Pork, cured, bacon, cooked, pan-fried 0.5 x 1 slice cooked (6g) Potato, flesh and skin, raw 0.3 x 100 grams (30g) Turkey stock, homemade 0.8 x 100 grams (100g) Turkey meat 0.4 x 100 grams (40g)

100 Brilliantly Creative Outdoor and Ambient Marketing Campaigns

Posted on June 1st, 2014 in Arts PR,Attraction PR,Awards PR,Book PR,brand PR,Broadband PR,Camera PR,Car PR,Celebrity PR,Charity PR,Children's Brands PR,Classical Music PR,Comedy PR,Computer Games PR,Consumer Electronics PR,Consumer PR,creative publicity,Cycling PR,Digital PR,DVD PR,Entertainment Brands,Environmental PR,Event PR,Experiential Marketing,Extreme Sports PR,Fashion PR,Festival PR,Film PR,Fitness PR,FMCG,Food and Drink PR,Football PR,Games PR,Gym PR,Health and Fitness PR,Kids PR,Leisure PR,Magazine PR,Music PR,Online PR,Opera PR,PR Jobs,PR Stunt,PR Stunts,Property PR,Publishing PR,Radio PR,Restaurant PR,Retail PR,Shopping Centre PR Stunts,snackfood PR,Sport PR,Technology PR,Television PR,theatre PR,Tour PR,Tourism PR,Toy PR,Travel PR,Venue PR,Viral Video PR.

By James Herring

Nobody tweets a picture of a poster or a billboard. Well rarely.

Marketers are having to come up with increasing bolder, creative and innovative news ways of getting the message out there.

Here are some of our favourite bits of creative and unusual media of recent years.

1. Nationwide Insurance


2. Drunk people sleeping on the streets of Japan are turned into human billboards for a new alcohol awareness campaign.


3. The Economist


4. Dengan Nose Hair Trimmers


5. O’Donovans Irish Pub


6. Silberman’s Fitness Center


7. Adidas

Oliver Kahn Poster Presentation


8. Bic Razors


9. Mini


10. Frontline – Flea and Tick Spray


11. Newcastle Brown Ale hijack Stella


12. Nike


13. BMW vs Audi


14. Fitness First – Bus Stop Scales


15. Folgers Coffee make good use of steam vents


16. Aim Plumbing Servoces


17.  Brandstik USB


18. Tefal


19. Nike Escalator sabotage


20. National Geographic Channel


21. HBO – Game Of Thrones


22. BBC World


23. Smart car


24. Joffrey Ballet School, Chicago


25. Mondo Pasta


26. Kansas Public Library



27. Japanese camera ad


28. Australian construction site


29. Yahoo


30. Colorado road safety campaign


31. Anando Milk


32. Australian Childhood Foundation


33.  Belt Up


34. Cadbury Dairy Milk


35. Heineken


36. Hot Wheels


37. Law and Order


38. Martor Razor Blades


39. McDonald: Sundial Billboard.





41. Environmental Awareness: Swimming Pool.


42. Iberia


43. Venice Casino


44. Lego




46. Oral B


47. Australian Public Transport Authority


48. Kung Fu Panda – Dreamworks


49. Imodium


50. Alice In Wonderland


51. FedEx Kinkos – Office Products


52. Australia Post


53. Kill Bill  (New Zealand)


54. Absolut


55. The Day After Tomorrow (Mumbai)


56. Newcastle Brown Ale


57. Batman


58. Dutch Stutter Foundation


59.Benjamin Moore Paints


60. CNN


61. Science World



62. Old Timer Restaurants



63. Smart


64. McDonalds Fries



65. Allstate Insurance: Marina Tower


66. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


67. Check The Gas


68. Pedigree dog food (and poop bag dispenser)


69.  Lays Potatoes


70. Calgary Film Festival (crying billboard)

billboard-ads-crying-1 billboard-ads-crying-2

71. Powerhouse Gym


72. Peter Walsh Office Supplies


73. DHL Online Tracking – Beijing


74. Clearex (Israel)


75. The Guitar Store


76. Nikon


77. IWC Watches


78. Rock Radio


79. Kit Kat




81. Rimmel Quick Dry


82. Hyundai


83. Duracell




85. Calgary Zoo


86. Fedex


87.  Copenhagen Zoo


88. Walking Dead: Zombie Truck


89. Mad Men (New Zealand)


90. IBM


91. Grand Theft Auto


92. Father Bobs (Homeless Charity)


93. WonderBra


94. IAMS


95. AOK (German Health Insurance)


96. MTV Switch


97. McDonalds


98. Smart


99. KarstadtQuelle: Dental Implant Insurance


100. Nivea: Good-bye Cellulite Sofa


For a really great archive and resource of advertisements visit Ads of the World or Trend Hunter for a great source for inspiration.

If you’re looking for a creative solution we can help with viral video productioncreative outdoor advertisingexperiential eventsnews generation and newjacking and publicity stunts.

Please share your examples with us. Let us know in the comments section below.

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Red Stripe’s Street Drummer Rocks The Casbah

Posted on February 25th, 2014 in FMCG,Food and Drink PR,Viral Video PR.

LONDON, 12th February 2014: Street drummer Jo Bucket has created a unique version of The Clash track Rock the Casbah by sampling the sounds of Brixton Market.

Red Stripe set Jo the challenge of re-making the hit for a video to mark the introduction of the authentic Jamaican stubby bottle to the UK. The video forms the latest instalment in Red Stripe’s series of Make projects and celebrates the lager beer going back to its Jamaican roots with the launch of the stubby bottle.

Over 95 different sounds were created by Jo and fellow street musicians over the course of just one day. Bass notes, melodies, riffs and atmospheric effects were gathered from Brixton’s unique collection of bars, stalls, shops and side streets. They included a fishmonger’s rattling ice, a guitar chord sequence courtesy of a busker, bananas and mangoes, a junk shop’s eclectic wares, mannequins and huge saucepans.

The reactions of the public were also captured, including a surprise cameo from none other than The Clash’s very own Mick Jones; a former Brixton student who has a longstanding affiliation with the area.

Red Stripe’s laid back, DIY Jamaican heritage is reflected in the choice of the video’s track, location and front man. Jo Bucket, who has gained recognition thanks to his effortless percussion skills, has always been skilled at creating unique and captivating performances out of inanimate objects; from entertaining school classmates by drumming on his desk with pencils, to performing to enraptured London crowds on buckets and bins.

Red_Stripe_Commercial-220 (3)

Jo said: “Collaborating with Red Stripe on this project has been a lot of fun, full of new challenges and opportunities for creating sound. It’s been a real platform to create something unique that totally fits in with the DIY way I like to do things – working with whatever’s to hand and making something special out of it to get people smiling, as I have done for years on the streets of London – but on a much bigger scale!”

Claire Prat, Red Stripe brand manager said: “We wanted to do something special to mark Red Stripe going back to our Jamaican roots by bringing the stubby bottle to the UK, and are so pleased we found Jo Bucket to help us do that. He has helped us create something original that reflects Red Stripe’s easy going, DIY nature.”



Twitter: @RedStripeLager


Press Contact: Taylor Herring

Mamma Mia! British Students Are Clueless In The Kitchen

Posted on September 17th, 2013 in Food and Drink PR.

LONDON, Tuesday 17th September 2013: They’re the future captains of industry and leaders of our country, yet as students across the country head away from home to begin the academic year, it’s revealed over three quarters (78%) can’t boil an egg* whilst half struggle to make mashed potato and cook rice!

That’s the finding of a new study into the culinary capabilities and eating habits of British students, three quarters of whom (73%) admit they cannot cook simple healthy meals for themselves.

The research, by Italian pesto pioneers Sacla’ polled 1000 University students and 1000 parents to reveal that the vast majority of students (73%) are subsisting on an unhealthy diet of snacks, ready meals and takeaways because they believe that they cannot cook, with the average British student sitting down to less than five home cooked meals per week (57% make 5 or less meals from scratch per week).

A whopping 57% of the British students surveyed admitted that they do not know how to cook vegetables, with half (50%) unsure of how to make mashed potato, and 49% unable to slice a pepper.  Three quarters (75%) confessed that they couldn’t roast a chicken whilst eight in ten (80%) were clueless on how to make a white sauce and 45% were left scratching their heads when asked how to make spaghetti bolognese.

Four in ten university students (40%) consider their diet to be unhealthy, while a third (33%) are spending over £25 per week on booze, leading a quarter (26%) to believe that their lifestyle  is having an adverse effect on their grades.

Student respondents revealed that they can only prepare five recipes from memory compared to a national average of nine, and admitted that they are shunning their kitchens in favour of other food sources.  Half of all British students eat two or more takeaways per week, while one in five (22%) consume five or more.  Fish and chips is the most popular indulgence with 25% eating at least once per week, followed by pizza (20%) and fried chicken (17%).  A third of students (34%) also eat at least one microwave ready meal per week, while 8% admitted they rely on energy drinks to keep them awake and alert during lectures.

The research revealed that students are worried that their poor diet is resulting in a lack of energy (36%), inability to concentrate (28%) and weight gain (24%).  A third (32%) suspect that their unhealthy lifestyle is making them more susceptible to illnesses such as colds and ‘flu, while 15% think that their consumption of takeaways and snacks is leading to more spots.

For parents of students, their children’s diets are a very real cause for concern, with two thirds (67%) worried that their children eat unhealthily while at university and 72% wishing their offspring were better at cooking.  A third of parents (36%) are concerned that their child won’t have enough energy to do their course work, while a significant number (14%) worry that their lack of skills in the kitchen will result in food poisoning!

However, while a whopping 94% of parents acknowledge that a healthy diet is important for students, many who had tried to teach their children to cook before they went away revealed that they had failed.  They cited their offspring’s laziness (14%), inability to pay attention (14%) and the sessions resulting in arguments (15%) as the main reasons.  A quarter of parents (25%) revealed that they feel guilty that they have not prepared their children better for eating whilst away from home.

In an attempt to change the way our students eat for the better and debunk the myths they believe about healthy eating, Sacla’ have teamed up with Italian mothers in five university cities, who over the course of the coming weeks will open up their kitchens to students in dire need of some Italian instruction and inspiration, for the Sacla’ Student Cookery School initiative.

In London, Bristol, Manchester, Swansea, and Glasgow, the mammas will guide groups of students in the creation of healthy, delicious and cheap recipes that will see them through Freshers Week and beyond. Working to an overall student friendly budget of £20 a week, which was identified by the research as the average amount students have to spend, the undergraduates will be shown how to make everything from a one-pot meal for friends, a brain boosting revision lunch and a post-pub snack to help ward off their hangovers.

In the best Italian tradition, the students will be taught how to get the most out of cheap, fresh and easy to get hold of ingredients and store cupboard staples – all treated with love, passion and Italian flair.

The mothers have been prepared for their classes by Tom Parker-Bowles, who offered guidance, hints and tips.

Tom said: “This is a fantastic initiative from Sacla’ – it’s clear from their research that students are ill-prepared when it comes to cooking healthy, nutritious meals at a time when they need all the help they can get from what they eat. I have a lot of admiration for the Mammas involved and look forward to seeing how they all get on!”

Also involved in preparing the mothers was food consultant Lorna Wing, who held a training day to bring them up to speed on how to hold the classes.

Clare Blampied, MD of pesto pioneers Sacla’, said: “Helping to keep students nourished and healthy during their time at university can be simple. We understand that being away from home for the first time is difficult for students and have come up with this plan to show students how easy it is to cook great tasting Italian inspired meals quickly and on a budget. The five Italian Mammas are great and we’re so pleased to have them on board. Hopefully the recipes taught to the students will be passed on to their friends and family members following this activity.”

Students can apply to take part in a class this October by emailing: or visiting the Sacla’ Facebook page or

Follow the progress of the students at: and @SaclaUK

For recipes and inspiration, visit