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Red Stripe’s Street Drummer Rocks The Casbah

Posted on February 25th, 2014 in FMCG,Food and Drink PR,Viral Video PR.

LONDON, 12th February 2014: Street drummer Jo Bucket has created a unique version of The Clash track Rock the Casbah by sampling the sounds of Brixton Market.

Red Stripe set Jo the challenge of re-making the hit for a video to mark the introduction of the authentic Jamaican stubby bottle to the UK. The video forms the latest instalment in Red Stripe’s series of Make projects and celebrates the lager beer going back to its Jamaican roots with the launch of the stubby bottle.

Over 95 different sounds were created by Jo and fellow street musicians over the course of just one day. Bass notes, melodies, riffs and atmospheric effects were gathered from Brixton’s unique collection of bars, stalls, shops and side streets. They included a fishmonger’s rattling ice, a guitar chord sequence courtesy of a busker, bananas and mangoes, a junk shop’s eclectic wares, mannequins and huge saucepans.

The reactions of the public were also captured, including a surprise cameo from none other than The Clash’s very own Mick Jones; a former Brixton student who has a longstanding affiliation with the area.

Red Stripe’s laid back, DIY Jamaican heritage is reflected in the choice of the video’s track, location and front man. Jo Bucket, who has gained recognition thanks to his effortless percussion skills, has always been skilled at creating unique and captivating performances out of inanimate objects; from entertaining school classmates by drumming on his desk with pencils, to performing to enraptured London crowds on buckets and bins.

Red_Stripe_Commercial-220 (3)

Jo said: “Collaborating with Red Stripe on this project has been a lot of fun, full of new challenges and opportunities for creating sound. It’s been a real platform to create something unique that totally fits in with the DIY way I like to do things – working with whatever’s to hand and making something special out of it to get people smiling, as I have done for years on the streets of London – but on a much bigger scale!”

Claire Prat, Red Stripe brand manager said: “We wanted to do something special to mark Red Stripe going back to our Jamaican roots by bringing the stubby bottle to the UK, and are so pleased we found Jo Bucket to help us do that. He has helped us create something original that reflects Red Stripe’s easy going, DIY nature.”



Twitter: @RedStripeLager


Press Contact: Taylor Herring

Mamma Mia! British Students Are Clueless In The Kitchen

Posted on September 17th, 2013 in Food and Drink PR.

LONDON, Tuesday 17th September 2013: They’re the future captains of industry and leaders of our country, yet as students across the country head away from home to begin the academic year, it’s revealed over three quarters (78%) can’t boil an egg* whilst half struggle to make mashed potato and cook rice!

That’s the finding of a new study into the culinary capabilities and eating habits of British students, three quarters of whom (73%) admit they cannot cook simple healthy meals for themselves.

The research, by Italian pesto pioneers Sacla’ polled 1000 University students and 1000 parents to reveal that the vast majority of students (73%) are subsisting on an unhealthy diet of snacks, ready meals and takeaways because they believe that they cannot cook, with the average British student sitting down to less than five home cooked meals per week (57% make 5 or less meals from scratch per week).

A whopping 57% of the British students surveyed admitted that they do not know how to cook vegetables, with half (50%) unsure of how to make mashed potato, and 49% unable to slice a pepper.  Three quarters (75%) confessed that they couldn’t roast a chicken whilst eight in ten (80%) were clueless on how to make a white sauce and 45% were left scratching their heads when asked how to make spaghetti bolognese.

Four in ten university students (40%) consider their diet to be unhealthy, while a third (33%) are spending over £25 per week on booze, leading a quarter (26%) to believe that their lifestyle  is having an adverse effect on their grades.

Student respondents revealed that they can only prepare five recipes from memory compared to a national average of nine, and admitted that they are shunning their kitchens in favour of other food sources.  Half of all British students eat two or more takeaways per week, while one in five (22%) consume five or more.  Fish and chips is the most popular indulgence with 25% eating at least once per week, followed by pizza (20%) and fried chicken (17%).  A third of students (34%) also eat at least one microwave ready meal per week, while 8% admitted they rely on energy drinks to keep them awake and alert during lectures.

The research revealed that students are worried that their poor diet is resulting in a lack of energy (36%), inability to concentrate (28%) and weight gain (24%).  A third (32%) suspect that their unhealthy lifestyle is making them more susceptible to illnesses such as colds and ‘flu, while 15% think that their consumption of takeaways and snacks is leading to more spots.

For parents of students, their children’s diets are a very real cause for concern, with two thirds (67%) worried that their children eat unhealthily while at university and 72% wishing their offspring were better at cooking.  A third of parents (36%) are concerned that their child won’t have enough energy to do their course work, while a significant number (14%) worry that their lack of skills in the kitchen will result in food poisoning!

However, while a whopping 94% of parents acknowledge that a healthy diet is important for students, many who had tried to teach their children to cook before they went away revealed that they had failed.  They cited their offspring’s laziness (14%), inability to pay attention (14%) and the sessions resulting in arguments (15%) as the main reasons.  A quarter of parents (25%) revealed that they feel guilty that they have not prepared their children better for eating whilst away from home.

In an attempt to change the way our students eat for the better and debunk the myths they believe about healthy eating, Sacla’ have teamed up with Italian mothers in five university cities, who over the course of the coming weeks will open up their kitchens to students in dire need of some Italian instruction and inspiration, for the Sacla’ Student Cookery School initiative.

In London, Bristol, Manchester, Swansea, and Glasgow, the mammas will guide groups of students in the creation of healthy, delicious and cheap recipes that will see them through Freshers Week and beyond. Working to an overall student friendly budget of £20 a week, which was identified by the research as the average amount students have to spend, the undergraduates will be shown how to make everything from a one-pot meal for friends, a brain boosting revision lunch and a post-pub snack to help ward off their hangovers.

In the best Italian tradition, the students will be taught how to get the most out of cheap, fresh and easy to get hold of ingredients and store cupboard staples – all treated with love, passion and Italian flair.

The mothers have been prepared for their classes by Tom Parker-Bowles, who offered guidance, hints and tips.

Tom said: “This is a fantastic initiative from Sacla’ – it’s clear from their research that students are ill-prepared when it comes to cooking healthy, nutritious meals at a time when they need all the help they can get from what they eat. I have a lot of admiration for the Mammas involved and look forward to seeing how they all get on!”

Also involved in preparing the mothers was food consultant Lorna Wing, who held a training day to bring them up to speed on how to hold the classes.

Clare Blampied, MD of pesto pioneers Sacla’, said: “Helping to keep students nourished and healthy during their time at university can be simple. We understand that being away from home for the first time is difficult for students and have come up with this plan to show students how easy it is to cook great tasting Italian inspired meals quickly and on a budget. The five Italian Mammas are great and we’re so pleased to have them on board. Hopefully the recipes taught to the students will be passed on to their friends and family members following this activity.”

Students can apply to take part in a class this October by emailing: or visiting the Sacla’ Facebook page or

Follow the progress of the students at: and @SaclaUK

For recipes and inspiration, visit


Red Stripe Team Up With NTS For Notting Hill Carnival 2013

Posted on August 8th, 2013 in Festival PR,Food and Drink PR,Music PR.

In keeping with the NTS, Red Stripe and Notting Hill Arts Club ethos, we have an extremely exciting line-up which we can now proudly share with you all, plus some SERIOUSLY SPECIAL GUESTS, which we’re keeping a surprise until the day…


  • YOYO featuring Seb Chew, Leo Greenslade and VERY SPECIAL GUESTS (previous YOYO guests include Mark Ronson, Q-Tip, Solange, Nas, Jessie Ware, etc. Expect heat from West London’s biggest club night).
  • BENJI B (Radio 1 / Deviation) plus A VERY SPECIAL GUEST.
  • NTS regular show YOUNG TURKS featuring TIC, SAMPHA, KWES, JAMIE XX
  • GILLES PETERSON (Radio 6 / Worldwide)
  • DEAN BLUNT (Hype Williams)
  • The two day NTS Red Stripe stage will be MC’d by NTS Radio hosts including MARSHA MARSHMELLOW, CHARLIE ‘DO YOU’ BONES and CHARLIE DARK (RunDemCrew).

    This NTS Red Stripe street party is free and open to all, in the true spirit of Carnival.

    On the Sunday when the soundsystems shut down the music continues with a MASSIVE after party conveniently located at the Notting Hill Arts Club. This will run from 6pm to 2am.

    Gracing us on the turntables will be the finest NTS club DJs and some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS. For afterparty tickets visit

    Remember both days and the after-party will be broadcast to the NTS family across the globe, so if you’re on holiday or can’t make it to Europe’s biggest street party than you can listen here


    Kate baby stunt. They Asda be joking.

    Posted on July 11th, 2013 in Food and Drink PR,Shopping Centre PR Stunts,Stunt Of The Day.

    Taking full advantage of the growing Royal baby frenzy, Asda came up with a regal gem of a stunt today.


    A dedicated HRH reserved car parking space has been created for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside the Asda store in Llangefni, Anglesey.

    The usual parent and child pictogram has been provided with crowns – and a friendly Beefeater was provided to guard over it.

    Kate has already been a customer at this particular supermarket – which is down the road from where the young Cambridges’ have a home. So perhaps it isn’t that far fetched to imagine her doing a late night dash for some fresh nappies, wipes and talcum powder.


    [pic credit: Caters]

    According to the Metro, an Asda spokeswoman said the store wanted to ‘do something a bit different and special’ to celebrate the new royal arrival.

    “It’s created a lot of excitement among our customers who, like us, are looking forward to the birth of the royal baby,” she gushed.

    Before any republicans/Guardian readers get too hot under the collar, store manager Peter Ellis has promised that while Kate is busy elsewhere – launching ships, attending tennis finals etc – other customers “that fancy their own bit of royal treatment can park their carriages there”.

    Also spotted in the TelegraphThe Express and  Mirror.



    Pesto Pioneers Sacla’ Hire Taylor Herring For Branded Content Brief

    Posted on April 4th, 2013 in Food and Drink PR,Viral Video PR.

    Campaign Launches With Supermarket Opera

    Premium Italian food producer Sacla’ have appointed Taylor Herring as Consumer PR agency and branded content producer.

    Taylor Herring’s remit will be to grow the brand’s profile by amplifying exposure across social media outlets with creative content and executing news generation across mainstream consumer media.

    The agency are working on a national student-focused initiative for the autumn and developing a campaign to mark the 150th anniversary of pesto this Summer.

    This week Taylor Herring kicked-off activity by staging a hidden camera opera production in a busy, central London supermarket and filmed the event for release on Sacla’s own channels and YouTube.

    Shoppers at the John Lewis Oxford Street Foodhall from Waitrose were surprised and delighted to find themselves emerged in the experience as five secret opera singers disguised as casual shoppers and supermarket staff broke into song.

    Taylor Herring hired Us London to direct the ‘Shopera’ that was produced by Nice and Polite.

    Pesto pioneers Sacla’ have in recent years diversified their products, launching a chilled range, antipasti and pasta and 2013 is set to see the variety of products increase.

    Sacla’ has firmly established itself within the food press as a supplier of premium Italian products and specialist press will continue to be handled by Panache PR.

    Taylor Herring produce creative content for a range of high profile clients including Paddy Power, Tesco-owned blinkbox, Red Stripe lager, UKTV, Gaucho Group and Red Bull.