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Viking staff build a giant cardboard office castle

Posted on January 25th, 2016 in b2b creative PR,creative publicity,PR Stunt,publicity stunt agency,Publicity Stunts,Retail PR.

To help beat the January blues in the Viking office, staff were asked to decorate their desks with fun and creative things.

One team decided to build a giant castle.

According to the Viking blog ‘In total, the castle used a staggering 500 pieces of waste cardboard, with the four members of our team staying late to covertly construct the castle throughout the night. No one in the office knew about this project until it was finished and to capitalise on this, the team set up a secret camera to film their colleagues’ reactions as they arrived at work.’


You can read a more detailed description of their build here.

An image gallery has already attracted over 220,000 views on viral picture site Imgur.

whistl Posties On Wheels Take To The Streets

Posted on September 15th, 2014 in b2b creative PR,brand PR,Consumer PR,creative publicity,Cycling PR,Digital PR,Environmental PR,Online PR,PR Stunt,Publicity Stunts,Regional PR.

Delivery company trials futuristic AirWheel unicycle in cities across UK

London, Monday 15th September 2014: The delivery company whistl (formerly known as TNT Post) has begun trialling deliveries using the revolutionary new AirWheel in cities across Britain.

whistl London 5

Specially selected Posties are being trained to operate the eco-friendly AirWheel, with the aim of providing a speedier and more efficient service to customers by utilising the AirWheel’s nifty capabilities and ability to go wherever pedestrians do.

Posties from whistl took to the streets of London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham today creating a stir amongst onlookers.

whistl Birmingham 1

whistl has released a video showing the futuristic personal transportation device in action during trials across these cities. The launch coincides with the major re-brand of the delivery firm TNT Post.

Nick Wells, CEO of whistl, said: ‘We’ve got a long track record of innovation in the UK postal sector and this radical new delivery device grabbed our attention. Our team have had fun getting to grips with the gadget and it’s gone down well with customers too. We are committed to ongoing efficiency and if the trial proves successful then the AirWheel will be adopted by whistl Posties across the UK.’


A self-balancing rechargeable electric unicycle, the AirWheel Q3 model has a 20 mile range and a top speed of 12mph – perfect for speedy deliveries through urban areas.


The eco device ‘self-charges’ when going downhill, and can legally go wherever pedestrians go – from parks to pavements and even across sand and dirt tracks.

The AirWheel is steered via an internal gyro-stabiliser with riders leaning forward or back to control speed.

Sam Parham, the founder of TheAirWheel.com – the exclusive UK distributors of the product, said: ‘We were delighted when whistl approached us about trialling the Q3 – the AirWheel has so much potential for use in many diverse situations and couldn’t be better suited to urban deliveries.”

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