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Get Lost – Season 5

Posted on November 5th, 2009 James in Drama PR,DVD PR.

Season Five of critically acclaimed US drama series, Lost: Season Five crashes onto Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 26th October, as the stranded survivors of the Oceanic Airlines 815 crash continue their frantic bid to escape the island…and their demons.

television drama prAll of them have a secret. All of them are lost. In a groundbreaking narrative which jumps erratically through time, Lost: Season Five inches towards resolution, following two parallel storylines focused both on and off the island; on the island, the remaining survivors end up stuck in a period of time after being stranded with the Dharma Initiative in 1977. With the shocking discovery that the island is constantly in motion as it contains a pocket of powerful electromagnetic energy – energy which caused Oceanic 815 to crash in the first place – Lost: Season Five answers many long-standing questions, whilst inviting a whole host of new ones.

Packed full of exclusive extras including the feature ‘Lost on Location’, scene commentary and Lost bloopers, Lost: Season Five is the ultimate explosive experience and a must-have for all fans.

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