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‘Dust Art’ video game stunt brings to life the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max.

Gone are the days of smearing ‘Wash Me’ on our friends’ dirty cars…

To celebrate the launch of the new Mad Max video game, Australian graffiti artists ‘Blackbook Ink’ have sketched scenes from the game into dirt on cars. This new craze of ‘dust art’ brings to life the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max, where his car is key to his survival.

mad max 1

A dust applicator was used to apply the dust, with a range of techniques then used by the artists to carefully draw the illustrations into the dirt.

Definitely a reason to not wash your car if you can drive around with art like this!

In other ‘Mad Max: The Game’ news, fans in Seattle had the chance to ride in Mad Max vehicles over the weekend, thanks to Uber. The ride-sharing company paired with the video game to offer customers a unique and hair raising experience, during the PAX Prime gaming convention.

mad max 3

Lucky ‘Uberers’ could be picked up in the post-apocalyptic warboys and even better, the rides were free because remember, “dollars are worthless in the wasteland.”

mad max 4

Images/Video (c) WB Games Australia/Uber


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