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February 16, 2009

Make Me A Celebrity!.

Some people have a funny idea about how the PR/media relationship works – as such we do occasionally get some breathtakingly bizarre correspondence. Over the weekend we received this email from somebody that neither we (or Google) had ever heard of…

From: [X]
Sent: 14 February 2009 11:43
Subject: Looking for representation

Dear Sir,

My name is [X] and I am contacting you because I am interested in representation.

I am not a public figure although many people in the world of media and celebrity have heard of me through word of mouth. I am regarded as a genius in many of these circles and believe many public figures would be interested in meeting me for the positive media attention an association with me would generate for them.

The media have expressed an interest in making me a public figure before, but I am not certain what their current position is on this, however I believe from previous converations I have been made aware of that if I were to meet celebrities such as Lily Allen, Jodie Kidd and Cheryl Cole, to talk about the worlds of politics, fashion and celebrity, the media would be willing to pay both parties for the meeting without necessarily giving it overt media coverage.

I believe enquiries along these lines with the media could be one of the many ways of creating a mutually financially rewarding business relationship between myself and yourselves.

My publicity material is attached. This email does not create or imply any business relationship whatsoever, and you are not authorised to represent yourselves as my PR consultants on the basis of this email, but can only do so after paper contracts have been signed. If you are interested in meeting me to discuss possibilities further, please get in touch by email. If you have not contacted me by email by 5pm on Friday 20th February 2009 then I will assume you are not interested and will never be contacting me over any medium.

Many thanks for your time.

Good bye, good luck, and best wishes,



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