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March 9, 2016

Video game Hitman recreated in real-life.

Video games producer IO created a real life interactive experience for Hitman, where players could control a real life Agent 47 in a huge mansion filled with 22 actors, items and objectives.

The rules were the same as in the Hitman games.

The main character could steal clothes, move objects and attack people inside, depending on the orders given by the participants, who were following the character’s movements remotely via a behind-the-shoulder camera.

Production company Realm Pictures even brought in Hitman voice actor David Bateson to reprise his role as Agent 47 on the line with the remote players.

According to Eurogamer; ‘Each team was given one hour to assassinate their target and escape the premises.’

Producers prepared for any possibility, such as cutting off a guard’s finger to bypass a security scanner or pushing a statue off a balcony onto an unsuspecting target.



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