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The Inbetweeners – New Series.

The multi award-winning show returns to E4 on the 13th of September in its third hotly anticipated series.  

The Inbetweeners follows the often misguided footsteps of four friends, Will, Simon, Neil and Jay, as they try to navigate their way through sixth form, with their hormones running riot.

The Inbetweeners
Often described as ‘a British American Pie’, The Inbetweeners delves deep into the psyche of the British teenage boy to discover equal amounts of lust, sick and cheap lager. None of our heroes are exceptional, all are distinctly average. And trying to convince the world they are sophisticated, sexy human beings usually ends in wretched disaster.

Spawning phrases such as ‘clunge,’ ‘bus wankers,’ ‘spaff’ and ‘briefcase wanker’ The Inbetweeners has become iconic and manages to reflect the minefield that sixth form can be, for 17 year old boys.

Written and executive produced by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris for Bwark Productions, the show has already landed an impressive array of awards including; a BAFTA, British Comedy Awards, an RTS award for writing, a Broadcast Award, a TV Quick & TV Choice Award , an NME Award and a nomination for The National Television Awards. In addition, the show secured an average of 1.5 million viewers for Season 2 and currently has over 1.1 million friends on Facebook.

The series returns this September with more mishaps, embarrassing attempts to pull and the vital adult initiation – to lose their virginity and become men.

The start of term sees Carli organising a charity fashion show which Simon eagerly agrees to take part in, Will trying to escape being known as the kid who shat himself in the exam, and Jay is still up to his neck in imaginary sexual experiences. Over the six episodes, the quartet also tries their hand at camping, gigs and ‘puff’, obviously all with disastrous consequences.

And as the year goes on, one of the boys gets a proper, living breathing girlfriend – something the others find a little hard to take but very easy to ridicule.

Writer Iain Morris states, “We are hugely grateful for the support the show has had from the fans and are excited to have finished series three. Hopefully the fans will enjoy the boys’ adventures in their final year at school.”

The series is commissioned by Nerys Evans, co-executive produced by Caroline Leddy, produced by Christopher Young and directed by Ben Palmer.

Work continues on a feature length production of The Inbetweeners and a US version of the show is in the pipeline.

Independent production company Bwark Productions was founded in 2005 by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. Bwark’s credits include Free Agents (Channel 4), Angelo’s (Five), The Persuasionists (BBC Two) and several Jimmy Carr live stand up DVDs.

The Inbetweeners series three and the Complete Series 1-3 box sets are available on 25th October 2010.

The Inbetweeners Cast List

Will – Simon Bird
Jay – James Buckley
Neil – Blake Harrison
Simon – Joe Thomas
Tara – Hannah Tointon
Carli – Emily Head
Mr Gilbert – Greg Davies
Charlotte – Emily Atack
Mark Donovan – Henry Lloyd-Hughes


WILL (Simon Bird) Will McKenzie is on a bad run. His parents have divorced and, to compound matters, his (totally hot) mum has moved him out of an independent school and into a local comprehensive. Will’s last school did a good job preparing him for the outside world – he’s smart, confident, quick-witted and outspoken. Unfortunately for Will this isn’t the outside world, this is the sixth form at Rudge Park Comprehensive where all these attributes make the kids, and teachers, deeply suspicious of him. Through dogged determination (and a bit of stalking) Will has now made friends with Simon, Jay and Neil, who if anything are a little more tragic than him. Unfortunately he’s also made enemies of the sixth form nutter (Mark Donovan) and his psychotic head of year, Mr Gilbert.

SIMON (Joe Thomas) Simon is Will’s closest friend at Rudge Park. Despite being coerced into looking after Will when he first arrived at school, Simon has warmed to him. He sees Will as more on his level than his other mates. Someone he can talk to about more than just “clunge”, football and Playstation, even though he does spend most of his time droning on about his love for Carli D’Amato. It’s an unrequited love, obviously, but who knows, if Simon wasn’t such a loser around Carli maybe something could happen. However that’s about as big an “if” as you’re ever likely to find.

JAY (James Buckley)
Everyone had a mate like Jay Cartwright. The sort of friend that in later life you look back on and think “‘why did I hang around with him?”. A potty mouthed, verbal bully, Jay is constantly bragging about his sexual conquests and daring feats, although there seems to be a disturbing lack of evidence for his hyperbolic claims. He has a natural antipathy towards Will, mainly because Will has no hesitation in pulling Jay’s lies to pieces.

NEIL (Blake Harrison) Neil Sullivan is the boy for whom the phrase “in a world of his own” was invented. Not exactly the brains of the outfit, Neil is always twenty seconds behind everything and everyone. But just when you think he’s really stupid he says something that almost makes sense. Much to Neil’s annoyance, his unconventional dad – a single, middle-aged man struggling to raise a family after his wife walked out on them – is the butt of the other’s crude jokes, who relentlessly cast aspersions on his sexuality just because he “wears tight shorts” and “plays badminton on a Tuesday”.

CARLI D’AMATO (Emily Head)
Carli is the gorgeous girl next door who Simon has had a crush on for as long as anyone can remember. Carli, like all girls her age, is more sophisticated than our hapless four, preferring guys just that bit older, at university, and with their own (not tiny and yellow) cars.

CHARLOTTE (Emily Atack)
Charlotte was the gorgeous and sophisticated girl in the year above, now she’s the gorgeous and sophisticated girl at university, but she’s back for a visit and once again the object of Will’s school boy crush.

TARA (Hannah Tointon) In the year below, Tara has always quietly had Simon in her sights. Now she’s in the 6th form, she’s spreading her wings and got a bit more confidence to make her move. Unfortunately for her, the fit boy from the year above is a bit of a tit and his mates who follow him everywhere aren’t any better.

MR GILBERT (Greg Davies) Mr Gilbert is the psychotic head of sixth form at Rudge Park. He’s one of those teachers who’s just a bit fed up with what for him has been a fairly thankless career. To say he doesn’t suffer fools would be an understatement; he doesn’t suffer anyone, and he gives Will a particularly tough ride for no other reason than he can.

MARK DONOVAN (Henry Lloyd-Hughes)
Donovan is the resident school psycho. He bullies his way through the new and the weak kids and is the on-off boyfriend of the most popular girl at school, Charlotte Hinchcliffe. Charlotte is inconceivably attracted to Will, a bittersweet triumph that puts our hero immediately on a collision course with Donovan.

Cast biogs:

Simon Bird (Will) Simon was named Best Male Comedy Actor at the 2009 British Comedy Awards, having won Best Male Newcomer in 2008. He was also nominated for Best Male Comedy Actor at the 2009 BAFTA Awards and Best Comedy Performance at the 2008 Royal Television Society Awards. He has been a regular performer on the live comedy scene, both as a stand-up and as part of sketch group The House of Windsor (with Joe Thomas and Jonny Sweet). Most recently Simon has written and starred in a new series for BBC3 called The King is Dead, due for TX in September 2010.

Joe Thomas (Simon) As a writer, Joe has recently been named a 2010 Broadcast Magazine Hot Shot, alongside collaborators Jonny Sweet and Simon Bird. The trio are currently developing an original scripted comedy which they will star in, with Big Talk Productions ‘Spaced’ ‘Shaun of the Dead’ for Channel 4. Joe has also recently worked on Simon Bird’s upcoming comedy panel series ‘The Kings Dead’, which will air on BBC3 later this year. He is also set to start in another independent British film which shoots early 2011.Joe Thomas and Jonny Sweet have been writing and performing comedy together since they met at Cambridge University in 2003. They were nominated for the Writer’s Guild Best Comedy Newcomer Award for their first hour-long comedy show and went on to stage two more highly acclaimed shows at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival including one with Simon Bird called ‘House of Windsor’.

James Buckley (Jay) James was just 11 years old when he appeared in his first West End play ‘Whistle Down the Wind’ at the Aldwych theatre. Soon after this he was also cast in ‘Les Miserables’ at the Palace Theatre. His television credits include 2001’s ‘Orrible’ with Johnny Vaughan, ‘Skins’, BBC sitcom’ Fresh’, Channel 4 Comedy Lab,Filth’ and BBC, ‘Only Fool and Horses’ Prequel, ‘Rock and Chips’ . James attended the Performing Arts College in Essex and enjoys writing music, playing guitar with his band and Dj’ing.

Blake Harrison (Neil) Blake trained at East 15 Acting School and went straight from there into the first series of The Inbetweeners. Other recent work includes the co-lead in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret in which he co-stars with David Cross and Sharon Horgan. It is a US/UK co-production and will air in the States this autumn and here on Channel Four shortly after. Blake has also had guest roles in Him and Her (BBC3) and White Van Man (BBC). He has also played a support lead in the feature Reuniting the Rubins.

Emily Head (Carli) As well as enjoying three seasons of’ The Inbetweeners’ Emily has had other notable television roles including the series regular ‘Grace in The Invisibles’ and significant guest leads in ‘MI high’, ‘Doc Martin’, ‘Doctors’ and ‘Trial and Retribution’. Last year she made her feature film debut shooting alongside Noel Fielding on the Independent film ‘I Spit on Your Rave’ and has just completed filming with the award winning French director Cedric Klapisch on the film ‘My Piece of Pie’.

Emily Atack (Charlotte) Emily is the daughter of Actress/Singer Kate Robbins, neice to Amy & Ted Robbins, cousin to Sir Paul McCartney so it is fair to say she is steeped in entertainment tradition.    Her first break in TV came when she appeared in a an episode of ‘Blue Murder’ for ITV in which she had a leading guest role, opposite Caroline Quentin.She is best known, however, for her work as Charlotte Hinchcliffe in the hugely successful comedy series, ‘The Inbetweeners’, which is on the brink of screening it’s third series.  She recently took part in ‘Dancing On Ice’ for ITV, and the 2010 national tour that followed. Her other work includes appearances in: ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Rock And Chips’ and a Victoria Wood Christmas Special.

Hannah Tointon (Tara) Hannah Tointon is best known for playing Katy Fox in the long running Channel 4 series ‘Hollyoaks’. In 2006, Hannah appeared in the television series ‘Murder City’, where she played Bethany Williams in the episode ‘Just Seventeen’. She also appeared in ‘Dream Team’ as Savannah Caskey and then went on to appear in ‘New Tricks’. She also starred in the movie ‘The Children’ – a horror which co-starred Jeremy Sheffield. It was released in November 2008. Her other movie credits include ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and ‘The Glass House’.


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