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September 10, 2013

That Tuesday Thing [No.6].

A weekly scoop-up of things from our inboxes and social media feeds..

► Russell Brand stuns GQ Men Of The Year audience with Nazi rant and salute. Amazing piece of video.

► Twitter’s Top TV shows. This leaderboard shows the top UK TV shows as they are talked about on Twitter. [via Second Sync]


► Ten Surprising Facts About Mail Online, ‘the Site That Ate the News’

What Clients Say vs What They Really Mean by  Advertising Secrets – via @copyranter


Beginners Guide to Bashtagging and Google-bombing  –‘Don’t fly @BritishAirways’? How to humiliate brands via social media – some handy tips from The Guardian

Viral Video Of The Week. Interview candidates get meteorically pranked by LG.

► The bizarre world of 1970s hyper-local TV

► Infographic: Brands on Vine and best practice

► This flowchart will you help you better understand trolling on twitter (via Sean Tejaratchi)


► If BuzzFeed was dark (or honest) > Dark Feed

► Vanity Fair 100th Anniversary – kate upton modelling in original poses

► Lady Lego. Professor C. Bodin, newly released in LEGO’s 11th series of Minifigures, is the first woman Scientist LEGO has produced. A definite step in the right direction, however, LEGO still has some catching up to do as male minifigs outnumber their female counterparts 4-to-1. [via Daily What]


► Chinese netizens have been sharing their embarrassing childhood photos over popular social networking site, Sina Weibo. 

► Shazam hits 10 billionth tag milestone courtesy of Lady Gaga

The Life And Death Of The Twitter Issue by @ZoeQuinnzel


Toy company sparks outrage by selling 500 piece toy kit inspired by hit US TV show Breaking Bad!

'Bricking Bad' allows children - or adults - to construct the industrial meth lab set up by Walter White and drug boss Gustavo Fring

► 15 Fantastic Custom Made Lunch Boxes – via Mental Floss


► How Facebook is Vying with Twitter for Celebrities

►  What Instagram Did For Photography, This App Will Do For Design (via (@benayers)

► A T-shirt Keith Richards wore during a tour through the Americas. 1975. [via @History_Pics]


New mobile app offers self-destructing tweets. New mobile app tweets you send that you mark with a certain hashtag will automatically delete themselves after the set time has passed.

► The New Robocop Trailer. Robocop gets rebooted in this big-screen MGM production from director José Padilha. The picture will once again surround a slain police officer (played by The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman) who gets resurrected as a crime-fighting cyborg until memories of his previous life begin to make him doubt his corrupt corporate overlords. Gary Oldman co-stars as the doctor who suffers a crisis-of-conscience after bringing life back to the man in the form of a mechanical body and reprogrammed brain, while Samuel L. Jackson plays a larger-than-life media mogul.

► How to make an Iron Man Balloon Outfit. To celebrate the early digital release of Iron Man 3 on blinkbox we challenged Jeff Wright to make an Iron Man suit.


► Beer at breakfast: Chocolate beer spread goes on sale

No more missing your station cos your drunk on a train. ‘We’ve all done it. After a tough day at work or a long night of drinking, the gentle motion of the subway rocks you right to sleep’ >now there’s an App which Wakes You Up at Your Stop If You Fall Asleep on the Train – via Gizmodo

► Best Real-Time Weather Service billboard ever (via Imgur)


► In this short documentary, linguist David Crystal and his son, actor Ben Crystal look at the differences between English pronunciation now and how it was spoken 400 years ago. [via 22 Words]

► New wristband device promises to record your entire LIFE

Always read the small print. Innocent Smoothies give good packaging [via Reddit]


► Matt Holt (@MattSocial) in Marketing makes the case for Co-Creatives ideas A co-creative idea is one that is:

1. Collaborative – i.e. created in conjunction with the audience. Whether this is done formally (e.g. beta development) or informally (e.g. featuring user-generated content) a co-creative idea is participative and developed in partnership with the audience. 2. Content-rich– as Howard Gossage, one of the original Mad Men, once said,  “nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, sometimes it’s an ad.” Effective marketing has always been about content, about having something interesting to say. The difference is that now we have ever more places to push content, ever more mediums to tell stories, ever more chances to make editorial content pieces that live beyond a simple advertising message. 3. Conversation-starting –big co-creative ideas are conversation starters, rather than the final word. We don’t always know where they’re going to end, but we do know how they start. Modern marketers know this, and as a result they’re ready to shape and fuel the conversation as it happens. 4. Contextual – i.e. reflects time and/or place. For example, Oreo uses social media to create messages with real contextual relevance, as shown by its ‘you can still dunk in the dark’ Super Bowl tweet, which reacted to an event in real-time in a clever way. (Note lots do it badly but that’s the topic of another blog post…) 5. Co-existent – within the online and the real world, as reflects the modern consumer and how technology is woven into everyday life. One feeds the other. Brands that understand this create a permanent cycle of content and conversation that can sustain engagement over a far longer period than an advert. 6. Constantly in flux – i.e. never finished, platforms that evolve rather than campaigns that live then die suddenly. Insight and content that is generated at the point of consumption and loops quickly back into marketing activity.

read the full blog-post here

► SEO thought for the day


► Awesome Footage from the tail camera onboard SpaceShipTwo during Virgin Galactic’s Second Rocket Powered Test Flight

► Column Five have created an infographic that attempts to explain one of the biggest phenomenon on the Internet: why kittens and bacon content go viral. 

► This is why you need to learn proper grammar. [via @neatorama]


Nike Fuel Band allows you to track your movements and rewards you with Nike Fuel points. To encourage people to take part the sports company have created a map which swaps the tube stations in Zone 1 with walking points

►   Google and Nestle unveil the new name for their Android OS – Kit Kat

Mashable came up with their own brilliant versions of rejected Android OS Food names


This Must Be For You – a project started by 2 friends whilst at University involving leaving random presents around city centres. Presents include tea boxes, seeds, toy dinosaurs, arts & crafts and stickers.

Someone Has Been Hiding Surprise Gifts All Around The UK

► Double Amputee James Simpson completed the gruelling Spartan Race…a tactical, obstacle course which many people fail to do!

Lance Bombardier James Simpson dives over a burning obstacle

► Falsely inflate our egos by liking Taylor Herring on Facebook



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