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Running In Heels.

running-in-heelsLifting the lid on life in the cutthroat New York publishing world, Running in Heels provides the definitive insight into the egos and exploits behind the world’s most recognizable monthly magazine, Marie Claire.

A dream job for many, but underneath the glamour and kudos is a cruel reality of gruelling schedules and never ending deadlines – the fashion frenzy begins on The Style Network from Tuesday 7th April at 10pm. The eight-part documentary, an exclusive to The Style Network, will focus on the individuals who sacrifice everything to keep the glossy in super slick shape.

joanna coles

From the feisty British editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, dubbed the ‘Simon Cowell of fashion’ and one of the most influential figures in the industry, with an effortless flare for juggling her demanding profession with motherhood, through to the three eager to impress interns desperate for a big break, witness dramas unfold and conflicts emerge as they balance 24/7 jobs with hectic social calendars.

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