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Red Stripe transform London corner shop into giant music machine.

Top Of The Shops!

LONDON, Wednesday 28th November: East London shoppers had the surprise of their lives when their local corner store in Dalston’s Kingsland High Street became a giant musical instrument for one day only.

The shop, Best Supermarket, was radically transformed overnight from a typical neighbourhood store selling everyday goods to an all-singing, all-dancing musical masterpiece by Red Stripe lager beer for their Make Music in the Corner Shop project which brought a little slice of Jamaica to the UK for one day only.

Products on the shelves and items left scattered around the store became the most unlikely of instruments, triggered into performance when a customer chose a Red Stripe from the shelves.

The reactions of surprised patrons were captured in a ground-breaking video, released today, as they set off the corner shop to the well known rock steady tune of “A Message to You Rudy” by Jamaican musician, Dandy Livingstone, later made famous by The Specials.

Unsuspecting customer Gabriella Peluffo said: “(It was) Absolutely phenomenal how they turned an ordinary shop into a magical musical! I was thrilled to have experienced the stock on the shelves literally come to life… so, so, clever.”

The instruments ranged from trumpets made out of glass bottles to a xylophone constructed from food cans, by way of jumping boxes and brooms and dustpans with lives of their own.

10 hidden cameras, 750 metres of cable and 12 metres of LED lights were used to create and record the experience as the smaller component parts combined to create on big musical experience, much to the amusement of customers who dropped in to pick up their daily essentials.

Best Supermarket owner Ilker Ozdil said: “I’ve owned this shop over for four years and have never seen people as surprised and happy as they were coming here that day… The expressions on their faces were brilliant! I wish we could keep the instruments here forever!”

David Graham, Red Stripe brand manager said: “Red Stripe can be found in most of the UK’s corner stores – we wanted to entertain our loyal consumers and do something truly surprising and original which would make popping to the shop a lot more enjoyable than usual!”

The full list of instruments:

1.     Bottle Trumpet

2.     Food Can Xylophone

3.     Gondola Bass

4.     Sweeping Broom Shaker

5.     Clapping Dustpan Timbale

6.     Tetra Pak Maracas

7.     Jumping Box Drums

8.     Rolling Pot Noodle Maraca

9.     Clinking Bottle Bells

10.   Fridge door and bottle tap

11.   Nut packet shakers

The video and behind-the-scenes footage will also be available to view at

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