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Pimm’s Appoint Judy Murray as CFO (Chief Foliage Officer).

LONDON, Monday 27th June 2016: Tennis grandee Judy Murray has been hired by drinks brand Pimm’s to ensure the nation’s bar staff know how to deliver the perfect serve.

And she is waging war on excess mint!


Last year, the mother of tennis stars Andy and Jamie Murray hit the headlines when she tweeted her dismay at being served a Pimm’s with “a foliage overdose” which revealed excessive amounts of the garden herb protruding from the top of her glass.

Recognising Judy as a stickler for standards, Pimm’s bosses offered the former Scottish national coach a job on their team in a newly created role of CFO (Chief Foliage Officer).


Judy Murray said: “My recipe for a perfect summer’s afternoon is a delicious glass of Pimm’s – and some great tennis. Jamie and Andy can take care of the tennis bit – I’ll be focussing on making sure we get the right amount of mint in our Pimm’s”.

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Judy has recorded a training video for bartenders that is to be distributed across the nation in a bid to avoid any more foliage blunders.

Elly Martin, Pimm’s Brand Manager said “We’re delighted to welcome Judy to the team as our newly appointed Pimm’s Chief Foliage Officer. Mint management is key to a great glass of Pimm’s and we know Judy is a perfectionist and doesn’t settle for second best.”

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