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May 1, 2024

Pete Wicks lands new role as realtionship consultant for Sky Mobile.

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Lothario Pete Wicks has recommended the nation to end their relationships by text, in a new Sky Mobile campaign launched today.

The TOWIE romeo, has become a ‘break up consultant’ giving tongue-in-cheek tips on the ‘perfect’ split.

In a Saltburn-style spoof video, created by Taylor Herring, bad boy Pete suggests: “It’s not that hard! The golden rule? Do it by text. No need for all that conversation, begging you to stay malarkey.”

The video was revealed to be a new campaign by Sky Mobile, who is encouraging the nation to break up with their costly and inflexible mobile network providers this summer and move on to better connections.

The Essex Casanova, who describes himself as ‘Cupid’s Nemesis’, ‘Concierge of the Heartbreak Hotel’ and ‘Brad Split’ in the new campaign, describes the ease of switching mobile networks.

The reality TV star reveals a new face tattoo in, with the words ‘heartbreaker’ inked above his eyebrow, as he advises, “Tell them straight you’re mixing things up. Swapping for a new model. Getting an upgrade.”

Pete’s text tip follows new research by Sky mobile that reveals May 1 as the day that most Brits would end a relationship.

Seven in 10 Brits (73%) say Spring is the optimal season to start a fresh, whilst 69% cite May as the best month to end a relationship ahead of the warmer summer months.

And three in 10 Brits (30%) say the 1st day of the month is the best time to break up with someone, as it gives them a clean break at the start of the month.

The study of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by Sky Mobile, found that as the weather warms up, six in 10 (63%) of those of surveyed agree that summer is the best season to be single.

Over half of respondents (55%) said they have experienced being dumped in the months leading up to the summer.

Eight in ten (82%) say that more likely to be in a relationship in the winter months, versus the summer where 86% Brits admit they like to be more ‘carefree’.

Half of Brits (56%) are prepared to terminate a relationship by text citing avoiding confrontation (46%), nervousness around speaking face-to-face or on the phone (42%) and the ease of cutting contact post-breakup (34%) as their reasons to hiding behind their keyboards.

But most Brits are far less decisive as 68% say they would stay in a relationship even though it was unhappy to avoid having to go through with a breakup with one in five (20%) admitting they have been stuck in an unhappy relationship for over a year.

Just under three-quarters (72%) admit that they dither rather than face up their partner and have a conversation, with 77% admitting they would be more likely to break up with someone over text if it was guilt free.

In the hilarious video, Pete recreates Saltburn star Barry Keoghan’s famous shirtless balcony scene.

He smashes a Cupid statue with a baseball bat and reclines in a bath filled with small love hearts.

And eventually it turns out that there is more than meets the eye to Pete’s tips on breaking up by text.

Pete, whose new inking is a temporary tattoo, explains that his advice is “all a metaphor for how easy it is to break up with your network provider”.

He adds: “Simple text to switch. No hassle. No drama.”

Sky Mobile’s ‘break up consultant’, Pete Wicks, said: Don’t worry everyone, I’m only breaking the hearts of mobile networks this summer. Cutting the cord can be hard, but when breaking up with your mobile network it’s all over with a text. Trust me it’s no hassle and no drama. No love lost – this Summer is all about you moving on to something better.”

Amber Pine, Managing Director of Connectivity said:  “The first of May symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts. Just as Brits get ready for a summer of fun, it’s the perfect time to text-to-switch to something better for you. Sky Mobile is all about flexibility and freedom, we’re the only network that lets you change your plan and your phone to suit you.”

Despite 15% of Brits being slow to move on from their mobile provider, two in five (41%) have admitted they’re looking to break up with their network.  When looking for a new mobile phone contract, over eight in ten (87%) prioritise flexibility with 86% looking for the freedom to change their data plans to their usage and 69% looking for contracts that offer the ability to switch mobile devices mid-contract.

Sky Mobile is offering the public a break-up worthy range of deals throughout May, saving customers up to half price on selected data plans *. Sky Mobile’s Mix benefit means it’s the only network that easily lets you make your data plan bigger and smaller to suit you and Swap lets you upgrade on any plan, to any device.

To switch, all you need to do is text PAC to 65075 to get your switching code.


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