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This week’s Twitter story – how not to do it…

Habitat have apologised for a not-very-subtle attempt to hijack Twitter buzz over the Iranian election to draw attention to their own brand. Predictably the Twitter community reacted extremely negatively to such activity, and Habitat have now deleted the offending messages. Even so the damage inflicted on the Habitat brand by this clumsy attempt at social media infiltration may continue to grow as the story and negative feedback spreads across the web.


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Google Wave

Google’s new real-time communication platform will be launching later this year, and this is one that we’re getting seriously excited about here. In brief it will bring together email, instant messaging, UGC wikis, social networking, live chat, and multi-person project management. What this means is that the user will be able to bring a community of colleagues or friends together on one platform, which can be embedded on any blog or website, then share information and data in real time.

Online Trends Google Wave

Online Trends Google Wave

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Cannes Cyber Lions 2009

Some fine examples of viral video marketing – with the following eight clips nominated for awards at the 2009 Cannes Cyber Lions:

Which is your favourite? Our vote is for the hilarious Diesel clip…

Day In The Cloud

One more Google story for today… Google are now offering the opportunity for some interesting creative competitions, using their Google Docs system. A good example is their current ‘Day In The Cloud’ promotion with Virgin Atlantic, which sends the player on an online scavenger hunt which can be played both online AND on any Virgin Atlantic flight, with a year’s free flights for the winner.


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