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My Life As An Animal on BBC THREE.

Eight intrepid volunteers take part in an innovative experiment – to try to learn more about animals. In this new series, the volunteers go back to basics undertaking a unique journey of self discovery, eating, sleeping and endeavouring to communicate with horses, dogs, pigs, penguins and seals.

My Life As An AnimalThe experiment also hopes to help the participants learn something about their own lives as well as those of the animals. Akin to modern day “Dr Dolittles”, the volunteers will closely observe the animals, using this to carefully inform their own behaviour.

Amongst other animal activities they will try to gain a place within the strict hierarchy of the thoroughbred stallions, win the trust of a pack of foxhounds, and learn more about pigs and their piglets. Wildlife expert Terry Nutkins offers invaluable advice, giving hints and tips on how the human guinea pigs can come closer to being accepted as animals by animals.

In the first episode, entrepreneur and actor, Richard Da Costa and Radio Five’s travel and news reporter, Lynsey Horn volunteer to live their lives as pigs for four days. Leaving their homes and luxuries behind, Richard and Lynsey immerse themselves in the pigs’ environment by sleeping with them, eating their food and even learning to speak like the animals.

My Life As An Animal 2By the end of the programme, the real life ‘Dr Dolittles’ – and indeed anybody who watches – will have learned firsthand about a pig’s life in Britain today. The series also features a host of experts, including, pig expert Katy Mason who teaches them how to grunt in order to communicate effectively with their fellow pig and Emma Massingale, the horse whisperer.

In every episode Wildlife expert Terry Nutkins will be on hand to devise challenges and help the volunteers be accepted.

My Life As Animal, BBC Three, 9pm tonight

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