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Kanye West Inspired Ice Cream Parlour.

In New York City this week, Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream has been celebrating musician Kayne West’s 38th birthday.


By renaming their entire menu and even shop name to represent the rap king of course!


Until June 12th, customers can enter Kanye’s Beautiful But Darkly Lit Ice Cream parlour to enjoy a multitude of delicious treats.

The I Am a God Ice Cream Croissant-wich, is inspired from the iconic lyrics “Hurry up with my damn croissants” in the song “I Am a God”.

Kim K Icecream

The Kim Kardashian Thirst Trap Sundae- excuse me, what? Inspired by that photoshoot for Paper Magazine which ‘broke the internet’. This single scoop of chocolate ice cream and a black cone will forever change the way you look at ice cream.

Kanye Ice Cream

There is an extremely short list of things Kanye loves -with himself being number one- it is safe to assume ice cream comes in a close second.

 Images (c) Firstwefeast


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